Miroir Lockit Update? [Picture of page 4]

  1. I just asked 3 SAs - one from New York, one from New Jersey, one from California and all of them swear to me there will be no Miroir Lockit.

    I really wish it will come out - it sounds really nice! Preferrably in different colors!

    Does anyone on the inside have any updates on this? :graucho: Thanks in advance everybody!
  2. It does sound nice, that would be a shame if its not going to happen - definitely would be a great addition to the Miroir line.
  3. Maybe they're instructed not to say anything about it, or simply they don't know.
    I still trust "the source".
  4. I don't trust what most SA's say. :s

    The launch date is set for July, I believe.
  5. ^ I believe too I have told my SA that the second she hears anything about put me down for it I NEED a miroir lockit (or 2) damm July so far away
  6. i swear someone here said they were SURE that a miroir lockit was coming out!
  7. Fingers crossed eh?
  8. I wouldn't believe what most SA's say unless I know they're trustworthy or the manager. I asked an SA when the Damier Speedy's were being launched and he said there was no such thing as a Damier Speedy and that I was probably thinking about the Alma.
  9. wow now that would be an awesome bag. I hope they have other colors besides gold and silver. I would love love a pink miroir locket it.
  10. I am hoping for the miroir lockit too. I wouldn't worry too much about what SA's have told you as the ones here give out incorrect information ALL the time and know virtually nothing about new items.:s
  11. Yes it's definitely coming out in July, only the classic size in both silver and gold. It's going to be rather rare, just like the Speedy's, so if you're interested, at least have your store put you on a "just in case" list there.

    Just think of it this way, the stores didn't even know about the Amarante Inclusion coming out in June until last month or so. Some stores still don't have info on it. And none of the stores have info on the Amarante Vernis due in the fall. These things will be coming out but LVMH is very selective about what info goes out to people (as we all know, the fakers start early).
  12. Thank you so much, Rebecca!! I talked to my SA at NM in Fashion Island a few days ago and she still didn't know about it either. Told her to keep an eye out for it and just put me on a list anyway. Can't wait for her to call me and tell me that I was right, thanks to you and all the tPFers in the know!
  13. Our manager has confirmed that there will be a miroir lockit but it's gonna be super limited. I've put my name down.
  14. You're welcome!
  15. our beloved SA Yoshiko was quite confident confirming that there will be a Mirror Lockit indeed :yes: