Miroir Lockit NOT coming out???

  1. Hi all, just went to the Sydney Australia LV trying to put my name down for the miroir lockit and was told that NO miroir lockit will be coming!! :crybaby: It was due to some misinfomation which went around LV that miroir lockit will be produced but it is NOT true!!

    Any further verification?? Thanks!
  2. Ask to speak to the manager, my SA was told by the store manager that it has been confirmed.
  3. I had confirmation from a few SA's here... as Mich stated, ask to speak to the manager.

    I wouldn't post information on something that's coming out if it weren't true... ;)
  4. I'm sure there are places that haven't received confirmation yet so they're denying it.
  5. ^^it depends who you spoke to as the DO know it is coming:yes:
  6. For small locations they probably receive stock AND information slower. I know for sure that my store has not received confirmation yet, not matter who I speak to.
  7. My post was inregards to the OP comment about the Sydney store (which is our Global store here)...My LV is also a small store but they are informed that the Miroir lockit is due to be produced:heart:
  8. I wonder when the OFFICIAL announcement will come? :smile: Eek, I can't wait!
  9. Yup, speak to a manager. Some stores still don't have info on it.
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  11. Thanks guys!! I will check with the manager next time I'm in the store. It's terrible that the Sydney store I went to is supposedly the biggest in Australia and a few of the SAs there said the rumour is incorrect, rather disappointing...:shrugs:
  12. Did you speak to just a SA? Did you ask Eric whose the store manager there? He may know more...
  13. Yeah some of the SAs here are a bit clueless and think you're from another planet when you ask them about upcoming items :sweatdrop:
  14. I happen to have spoken to 3 SAs, the 2 women on ground floor insisted there will be no miroir lockit coming out, but took my name down on a piece of paper at the end as I was adamant that one is coming out! Then I went upstairs to look at other bags and a male SA mentioned that there is incoorect information floating around LV that a miroir lockit will be out but it is definitely NOT true!! Do you know the manager Eric well? Maybe you would also check if it's not too inconvenient? Thanks heaps!!:yes:
  15. one must be coming out right? I mean how is there a picture of it from karen kooper if there isnt one? xx