mint nikki's should come soon! who's excited?!

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  1. I AM!

    I went on the computer with all good intentions of canceling my pre-order about 5 times in the past month, to help me with my financial stresses (rather, to not add more to the stress), and every single time I made the mistake of logging onto TPF at the same time... and every time I caught sght of RM Maven's avatar picture and I ended up not being able to do it.

    If it is true to picture this might just be tied with my wine Nikki for my all time favorite bag.

    If it is NOT true to picture and I'm not loving it, as a side note, does anyone know if luna boston will take a return on a pre-ordered bag? I don't see why not but you never know I guess.

    I absolutely can NOT wait to see this bag in person. Did anyone else pre-order it? :nuts: I can't wait to post tons of pics. They are supposed to ship on February 1st as far as I know.
  2. RM Maven's avatar has been driving me crazy too! I mean it is the happiest springiest color!!! Can't wait to see everyone's pictures!
  3. Hey mandy!

    Yes, LB does take returns on pre-ordered bags...and free return shipping!!!
  4. Oh thank goodness! I won't stress as much then! Thanks Lo! :heart:

    Whoever the first person is to get one, you must post a bajillion pictures. =D
  5. I can't wait to see more pics of this bag.
  6. I am waiting breathlessly to see this bag IRL! Mandy, I hope you get yours first!! Especially after waiting so long for the white Nikki.
  7. I can't wait to see this one but I am excited for pool too and oh geez every color!
  8. I am beyond excited for this bag to come, I think it might be the color I'm most excited about! :yahoo:
  9. I would love a mint Nikki but I can't justify another Nikki-- I'll have to live vicariously through yours!
  10. Aww thanks baghag yeah that would be really nice after having to wait so long for all the other bags I ordered that got sent to the wrong address, haha. I am dyingggggggggggg to see what it looks like in real life! I know bags are almost never what they appear, but I am hoping! I have a good feeling!
  11. I'm with you on this one...can't wait to see a lovely tPFer's pictures!
  12. I initially wanted one, but then decided to order a Seafoam Mini Nikki from Bluefly and actually have fallen in love with that and think that I like it better than the pics of the Mint that I've seen (not that Mint isn't beautiful -- it is! Just that Seafoam works better with my wardrobe).

    I am looking forward to seeing pics, though, even though I won't be buying the bag :smile:.
  13. I can't wait to see this color!
  14. I am dying to see the new mint color and what styles RM will do it in. Personally, like Jenny Cadine said, I've procured my share of Nikkis... so I'm not really looking at another one.. so i really hope that RM will do the mint in MAC or a mini devote (because I think the full size devote will be so heavy that I'm going to have to hit the gym before I can start carrying it out!)
  15. where can i see a pic of the mint?