Minneapolis/Mall of America PF Meeting!!!

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  1. I'm in!! Late July would be better for me!! My birthday is July 18th!! I can tell dh it's a birthday trip! Yeah!! Just let me know! I missed the last one but would love to come this time!!
  2. My birthday is July 22nd and I know that weekend is JAMMED packed for me. Hmm... July 28th? The following weekend? Any takers? Or maybe the first weekend in August? Lets get some ideas flowing!!!
  3. The 28th sounds good. I have to check on the first weekend of August. I'm thinking that doesn't work for me but will let you all know for sure!
  4. I know the 28th will be difficult as I have to get DD from Camp in Iowa that day, but please pick a date that works best for the majority and I will do my best to attend;)
  5. How fun! Count me in, too! :yahoo:
  6. I'm in for late July or early August!
  7. I'll try to make it depending on the date - early August works better for me.
  8. Early August will work for me too! Let me know and I'll start saving up! LOL!
  9. Who wants to be the ring leader for this one? I know for sure the weekend of the 21st and 22nd I'm busy, and then probably the 11th & 12th of August I'm busy. Other than that, most other weekends work.
  10. Closing..old Thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.