Minneapolis/Mall of America PF Meeting!!!

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  1. Hello, everyone! I am completely new at this so forgive me if I do something wrong! I just wanted to get something started so we could begin to discuss the possibility of a meeting this spring/summer at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN! Those who live near the cities post here and let's see what kind of interest there might be!

    I live 4 hours away so can definately drive over and even help out a bit with organizing but I'd love it if a PF gal that knows the area better could actually do most of the organizing and answering questions. If there are any volunteers, just speak up! I'm not trying to be in charge at all! :rolleyes:

    So, anyone up for a meeting? :yahoo:
  2. I'm in.....this spring would be easier since summer is such prime visiting time. Of course late spring would be nice, like the end of April? May?

    What are your thoughts?
  3. Ill make this a temporary sticky for you.

    Good Luck ! :heart:

  4. Hello!! I have to travel to North Carolina in late May so for me personally April or early May would be best! And I agree that Spring would be good so we don't run into huge crowds! I assume there are lots of hotels around that are reasonable too for those who may need an overnight stay! And I doubt we'll have any problem finding food!
  5. Thanks, Prada!
  6. i live in the twin cities area... i'm at the MOA quite often. if you gals/guys pick a date, i should be able to stop by. :yes:
  7. ^^ Great! Well, how about to start out we think about the following 3 dates? They are after Easter but before Mother's Day. Either April 21st, 28th or May 5th? They are all Saturdays as I thought those days are easiest for those who work usually. And anyone who lives out of town and wants to come in on Friday night can as well or stay over on Saturday. I lean toward the April dates myself. Hopefully some more Northern Plains gals will find this thread and join us too!
  8. Thanks tlloveshim for starting this. :flowers:

    I live 15 minutes away from the Mall of America and I spend a lot of time there:shame: I have a 14 yr old daughter in Competition Dance and the season starts next weekend. The only weekend of the 3 mentioned that I can attend would be the 21st of April, but I would love to attend, so I will keep my eye on this thread or feel free to send me an email or PM with details. I am so looking forward to meeting some fellow pf's :party:
  9. Well, if our small group does not object to just setting the date for the 21st then I say lets go for it! Then anyone who wants to join has a date to shoot for and can start making travel plans. I have just a few thoughts:

    1) Anyone who wants to attend can be responsible for their own travel planning. If they need hotel recommendations (if we get anyone who's farther away) then we'll let the gals that actually live there make them if that's OK with them.
    2) As time draws closer we'll make plans for a time to meet and where to meet up at. I know the mall is huge so we'll need to be clear on where to meet. Perhaps someone could even mail out maps of the mall (I'm assuming you can get those at the mall) or if it's online we can each just print off our own map so we can find our way!
    3) One person can perhaps have everyone's cell numbers so that if someone needs contacted, that person can do so. We can also have one person with a local cell number available in case of emergencies. Did that make sense? LOL!

    Anything else to think of or be aware of? Do you all want to plan on the 21st or give it more time yet? Please, don't be afraid to speak up! I don't care to be in charge and don't want to look like I'm taking over. This is just my 'take charge' personality and it can get me into trouble sometimes! LOL! Plus it's just about 2 months away and that time will go by quickly! This is going to be so much fun!
  10. I would love to meet with fellow TPF-ers! also spend lots of time at the MOA and can help in suggesting places to visit. I think I will be available for that date, so count me in for now! Let me know how I can help. Thank you for setting this up!

  11. The 21st sounds ok for me so far. I know that there is a MN gal or two on the Coach groups. We could sent a pm to those peeps.
  12. sounds fun, i may come. let me know the date and then i will know for sure, i live approx. 2.5 hours from MOA and love it there!
  13. Yeah! OK, let's tentatively set the date for April 21st. Then everyone can plan accordingly. Anyone who knows of other gals who live in our neck of the woods that might be interested, go ahead and PM them to inform them of this thread. The more the merrier! :yahoo:
  14. AWESOME:party:
    I am more than happy to help anyone who might need travel assistance (hotels, etc.) I will also be glad to pick up maps or brochures if necessary. Here is a really good link for any information and printable maps & directions. Feel free to email me with any info/requests and I will do all I can to assist. This is so cool:drinkup: I have put the date in my book and will look forward to meeting all of you.

    Mall of America - Home
  15. Robyn! Thanks for the link! I emailed for a visitor's guide which should contain a map of the mall. I am so excited! I've only been to the MOA once so I'm really looking forward to this! :wlae: And it will be such a blast meeting you all! OMG! And shopping for new handbags!! WOOHOO!!
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