Mini-pochette and Key-and-Change Owners!

  1. I have ordered both of these items from Eluxury, but (as I am waiting...unpatiently) I would like to know what fits into each... I can't decide if I should keep both of them. HELP!!
    p10022481_ph_hero.jpg p10743027_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Hi. The key and change holder can accommodate (depending on what you choose to put in it) dollar bills, coins, keys(obviously), credit cards, or small papers.

    The mini-pochette can hold a cellphone, make-up, very small digital items, sticks of gum, (of course, you can't shove all of the above into the mini-pochette at once).
  3. I own both of these. The key and change holder I use to put cash and credit cards in (when using a small purse). The mini pochette I use for my blackberry. Or, I could use it as a small makeup case.
  4. Thanks!! I may just have to keep both :smile:
  5. I have the Pouchette Cles in Suhali and I love it. I use it as my wallet. Nice and small, just for me. It fits up to 3 cards, currency and coins. Love it! I have one in white but really would love a black one too.
  6. I use my cles for storing small papers & cards I don't use often ... insurance, etc.

    You can see pictures of what fits inside mine here:

    they're the first pictures (the CIMG ones) and they're huge, I didn't have photoshop at the time I took them. if you know how much a coach mini skinny fits, I compare it to that too.
  7. I use my cles for my ipod nano. It fits perfectly:smile: V
  8. I have a vernis cles, because of the material, it has less of a capacity than let's say a mono or a damier cles.

    I put my driver's license, credit card, gas card, a few folded up bills in my cles (and keys in the key ring)

    I'll need to get a damier cles soon to let my vernis rest a bit.

  9. How many credit cards can a vernis cles hold? I have a multicolore cles which can only hold 4-5 credit cards maximum. I was interested in a vernis cles but wondered if it could hold more credit cards.
  10. I have both. Definately keep them. I use my key/coin running around. This is late you may have received them already. The key/coin gets softer I can fit 4 cards, a little change, and $ folded.
    The wristlet/makeup I use when I go out sometimes as well as for a make up case. It fits in every bag I own, chain stayed the same color. I think you will find you can't part with either one.

    I was so in love with the key/coin I purchase a damier as well to go with my papillon.
  11. i just bought the key and change holder and it was roomier than i expected. i was able to fit in credit cards, cash, and my cell phone! love it!
  12. It can definitely hold 5 credit cards. I have 3 cards in mine and a few folded up bills (but no coins). It gets a bit tight beyond 5 cards.

  13. Thanks for letting me know!
  14. I have a damier mini pochette that I love- I use it for make up and it holds more than you would think. I usually have my compact, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, small hairbrush and hairband in there w/room to spare.
  15. I had a mini pochette accessoires that came with my bucket bag. I got a strap for it last month for around $50 because I was tired of using it as a clutch, and I'm very glad I did so! It's larger than a Coach wristlet and holds a good amount of stuff, IMO.