Million Dollar Listing - LOS ANGELES

  1. Anyone see Million Dollar Listing last night on Bravo? At first I wasn't too swept up by it, but about half way through the first episode I was hooked.
  2. I watched it! I liked the show especially when the buyer/seller started being picky and the realtor ended losing like a 115k commission. I would have been sick UGGGH! I will be tuning in.
  3. I liked it-I really like Real Estate,and they have found some very unusual realtors-that hooked me.
  4. ^^^ I watched this....I swear if i was the realtor I would have headed down to Home Depot and fixed all the little picky things myself! I mean, she was talking about putting jackets of the electrical outlets in one room!

  5. Isn't that the truth? Why on earth didn't she do that? Geeez......

    I also just loved the name "Scotty Brown". That's got a real "ring" to it. LOL!
  6. I Was Dying To See This & I Missed It.....I Will Definitely Watch Next Week.
  7. I know! That guy was kind of scary though..he got all Sopranos on the other guy when the deal looked like it was going to fall through.

    I calculated that young guy's income for his six months selling real estate, because he sold 17 mil worth of properties and it seems like he gets between 2.5 and 3% of each it's approx 500,000 or maybe a bit more! For six months!:nuts:

    I need to get into real estate;)
  8. What a business!!!!! And the guy was only in his mid-20's if I'm remembering correctly.! He didn't seem at all scared of Scotty Brown. Me, on the other hand, was glad I was watching this scene on TV instead of being there in person. The guy scared me!!!!! You said it best....about him getting all Sopranos! LOL!
  9. I only saw parts of it, and I am HOOKED! Who's the lady with the "big wasabas"? And is the blond agent (the one who's getting the double commission) the girlfriend of the Seller??
  10. She was a neighbor who showed up at the open house with her kind-of- creepy husband. They weren't interested in buying the house....they just wanted to look around.

    Yes, the blond agent is the girlfriend, er, ex-girlfriend of the seller and she would have gotten the double commission if the deal had gone through. Apparently she and the seller broke up sometime before he put his house on the market.

    The Washington Post didn't give this show a very good review, but honestly, I love it!:yes:
  11. the lady and the guy were husband and wife who were looking at the house (just for entertainment, since they had just bought a house) they were really obnoxious and the guy made some references to his "website"...maybe they were in porn! The blond agent was very snotty about them (but she's like one step away from that wasaba lady lookswise imo) ..she was the ex girlfriend of the seemed to me that he dumped her, because she was all goo goo over him.

    Leelee that young guy startled me with his business savvy...he lives in Malibu himself so maybe he comes from a wealthy family....he was pretty smooth!
  12. ^^^ That double commision thing is apparently illegal in many states, but not in california!

    ALL the Bravo series are incredibly addicting imo....and luckily they rerun them all the time!

  13. I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. Good realtors would do that to keep the contract moving forward. What is a coulple of 50 cent outlet covers versus 100k plus commission? I would've asked the seller what color she wanted.:P

    As far as representing both sides of the deal in my state that is legal as long as both parties agree. The only thing is... as we saw from the show the agent isn't suppose to show loyalty but she clearly did.

    The wine must have been pretty good to pass on a 100k check!:rolleyes:
  15. Thanks for the explanation, LeeLee & varsha624! :smile: Hehe, I LOVE this show! Since I only saw half of it, I'm going to catch it again tomorrow. I didn't know it's legal to represent both sides, there's a definite conflict of interest...