Might be stoopid LV question

  1. Can you get a shoulder strap for the regular Alma? Just curious, cause I would love a damier, if I could get it with a shoulder strap. Looks like the regular alma bag could get heavy just being a hand held. tanks!
  2. You can get either a vachetta shoulder strap or a monogram strap that will fit the alma. I got a monogram strap for my pouchette so I could wear it crossbody. my sa said I could use it for mono speedy or mono alma as well.
  3. Yup..just as Texas Girl said :yes:
  4. I have a Damier Alma and I would never use a shoulder strap for it as I think it would detract from the elegant look it has.

    I have seen a lady carrying a Mono Alma with a shoulder strap and it looked okay on her. Just not for me.
  5. I agree^^ I don't really like the alma with a strap.
  6. I use the strap for power shopping,but keep it tucked inside until absolutely necessary. I think it looks OK, but better w/o the strap IMO.
  7. hmmm, very interesting... but, at least now I know that you can get one... but, now will have to think about it, since I'm very aesthetically inclined... don't want to ruin those gorgeous LV lines! Thanks ya'll! esp down thar in Texas... (said with a whistle)...:p :heart:
  9. I have also seen a lady wearing a Mono Alma with the strap. It looked alright, definitely didn't look -bad-, but I agree that it looks much better hand-held. I know how much of PITA hand helds can be though.
  10. OK - I like my epi Alma with the strap, but I don't use it that way all the time. But it does come in very handy.
  13. Well I am sure you have your answer from all the people that responded but I would just like to point out no question is ever stupid!! Please feel free to ask!!
  14. I have the myrtille alma with the matching myrtille strap --- I'm probably the only one that likes to keep the strap hanging on the outside. To me it doesn't distract from the beauty of the alma's shape. I still hand carry the alma, though, and will only use the strap when I really need that "extra hand" to hold everything. :yes:
  15. Now, that sounds beautful!!! Myrtle strap and alma,,, wow. See, I didn't know you could get the matching epi straps...

    Lola, I remember you have the mandarin epi speedy, and I have the mandarin noe... interesting... about the lady carrying the alma; I don't get to see too many real LV's in action where I live...

    thanks ya'll.!:jammin: