Microsoft Vista

  1. For those of you who have this new operating system..what do you think of it? I'm not sure if I'm 100% happy with mine. I'm thinking about downgrading it to XP.....any reviews/advice?? TIA :flowers:
  2. The BF is a Windows Systems Administrator, so of course he had to put Vista on his computers here at home. Both the gaming PC and his laptop have Vista. As far as I know, he hasn't had any major issues with it. He works for a state university and I think his systems at work also have Vista on them.

    I'd like to put it on my laptop, but I know this POS wouldn't support a new OS. I've also heard that you have to have much higher specs than the minimum standards for Vista to run properly.

    LOL I'm waiting for this thread to become an Apple v. Windows war ;) Go Microsoft!
  3. I personally at first preferred XP just because all the new stuff hit me really hard, really fast. But this is my 3rd day using it and I LOVE it. It's so much faster, everything is more clean. The only complaint I have is that they make you confirm so many actions, the security is annoying. I'm sure you can turn it off, but eh. Also, it took me forever to figure stuff out at first, but again, with all new technology, that's how it is. I'm used to it now, and again, I love it.

    PS-I used to have XP.
  4. I have Vista Ultimate on my Dell XPS notebook and I never had a problem with it. I suggest that you just set it to have automatic Windows updates, that way you won't have to worry about it.
  5. I still like XP better
  6. well i didn't choose vista. it came with my laptop. it took awhile to adjust but now i quite like it!! i say give it a week or two and see how you feel.
  7. Graphically, it's lovely but GEEZ it makes you select "allow program" for everything!!! It's SO ANNOYING. Maybe I just don't know how to alter this feature, but for the most basic freakin' programs, like Adobe Reader or Adobe Photoshop or anything that's not made by Microsoft... it will make you "allow program" because it's not "recognized."

    Honestly, this annoys me so much I'd rather go back to XP even though Vista is more visually appealing.
  8. ^ Annie, I can ask BF about this issue. Maybe he knows how to turn it off. Sounds annoying :push:
  9. ^^^
    Cristina, thank you, I will love you forever!
  10. I'll stick with my XP for now, until I get a new lappy that has vista already on it. I didn't feel a need to change!
  11. It's much more pleasing visually..but I think I like XP better. I like the sidebar though. :yes:
  12. I have it and really don't like it. I also don't care for Office 2007.
  13. I hate it, I keep getting little problems and I have it on my 3 desk tops (office & home) and 2 laptops, All 3 have the same little issues.
  14. I have vista on my DELL.....i have had very few probs with it.

    In regards to turning off your prompts...U need to go to your control panel....there r settings in there u can adjust.u can choose to NOT be asked for prompts there.PM ME if u cant figure it out.I can go thru mine and walk u thru it if u cant figure it out.
  15. When I got my laptop it came with Vista and hated it at first, but I got use to it and love it now!! I have not had a problem yet :smile: