Michael Kors Sloan Bag

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  1. Lol another one to add to the list for investigation
  2. Alright, thanks :smile:
  3. I got this cute little Sloan clutch/purse for $45 secondhand and it is sooo pretty & soft! I wonder what type of leather it is? It looks so sleek and elegant. ❤️
  4. Gorgeous! It's lambskin leather
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  5. IMG_1511582086.758550.jpg

    My large Sloan I picked up today for Black Friday . Got it for a killer price of 172.80 . Now to save up for the black one ️.
  6. Looks very classy
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  7. Just ordered one in multi blue frayed denim. Can’t wait for it to arrive!!
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  8. I got this gorgeous Sloan two weeks ago for 40% off. Love it!

    IMG_4401 - Kopie.JPG
  9. Gorgeous indeed! Congratulations on the great price find! That's a wonderfully festive photo too, thank you for sharing!
  10. I just bought the same bag yesterday. I’m absolutely loving it!!
  11. Can’t wait to use her!!
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  12. ^^^you’re gonna love it
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  13. DFC3BCBB-B2B0-4268-B3AB-C5C76C2D66A7.jpeg

    I fell out of love from MK for a few years until this I saw this model..... seriously it looks so classy and it’s lambskin which is so soft and beautiful! I bought 2 in less than a week
  14. Welldone! I have one in black lambskin. Would love another in plum too❤️
  15. sloan is very nice. i love it.