Michael Kors Sloan Bag

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  1. My pretty Sloans in blush and plum side by side ;)
  2. My first large sloan! Any idea how to adjust the straps? It is too long for a crossbody bag.
  3. you can adjust it when you pull the strap inside the bag and wrap it inside the bag with a ribbon if you know what i mean
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  4. Love the Sloan. Great color!
  5. I'll be joining this club soon.All I can hear are good things about this bag.I'm excited for its arrival soon.
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  6. Beautiful! Try an elastic hair band and hide the thus shortened strap under the flap.
  7. 20170618_203341.jpeg picked up this pyramid Sloan. Love how squishy soft it is.
  8. I've always loved MK Sloan but never pull the trigger. How is it holding up guys? Does the leather get slouchier or anything?
  9. I purchased the Large Slian in cashew with silver hardware. I love it. I always carried a large bag but so glad I went with this.
    What colors do they come in?
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  10. I got a large Sloan in a buttery color, absolutely gorgeous! I love especially the single color all over it. When I'll get to my computer I'll post few pics of it.
  11. I love how soft the Lambskin is. I just recently purchased a preloved one in ivory and noticed that the style is different than the one I bought at Macys.

    One from Macys (black): smaller diamond pattern, chain comes from top with grommets

    Preloved (ivory): larger diamond pattern, chain originates from sides, no grommets, sides are sewn together


    The black on is stuffed and ivory one is not. Is the ivory one an older style?
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  12. Im seriously in love with this bag, but I'm wondering how good it is as a working bag? Like... Does it (L or XL) fit an iPad and a notepad - or stuff like that without being to tightly packed? :smile:
  13. Not sure about the XL, but I would say that the L would hold an iPad mini not a full size iPad.
  14. Not sure on model dates but mine is attached with metal loops, so all three are styled different 20170829_031934.jpeg
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  15. Agreed, the leather is amazingggg on this bag!!
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