Michael Kors Sloan Bag

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  1. Hi! Does anyone have this bag with a square lock buckle like shown here?

    It also has leather and not fabric on the inside of the flap:


    I've never seen it on any video or photo on the web, only in some online stores (not on Michael Kors web page). Wonder what season is it from...
  2. I think this is a new style. That lock is mostly seen with the Whitney which is a new bag this year.I found a version of the Sloan above in pink. https://www.michaelkors.com/sloan-small-quilted-leather-shoulder-bag/_/R-US_30T8TSLL0T

    Maybe it's been popular and sold out. Or maybe it's about to get a wider release at stores. Hope that helps.
  3. Yeah, looks like it! I see more other styles with this type of lock popping up in different online stores here in Europe.

    I personally like this Sloan update more because of the all leather flap.
  4. I just bought it online and got this flap. That's make me curious too because it's different with the pic on MK website

  5. Ladies, I don't know what to do ‍♀️‍♀️ I just received this bag and even though the pic on the web showed the clasp with the round knobs, I got the one with the square knobs and the leather interior.... I honestly thought that the round knobs look more elegant, but now I am not sure if I want to go through returning it and going to the store where I had seen one with the round knob closure...
    Wich one do you like better? Here's the one I received: IMG_0362.JPG
  6. Chicagogirl2005, was just about to post my own today's delivery (will do in my next post) when I saw your post :smile: I personally don't really care about the knob shape, but I prefer the bag with square ones because I like the all leather flap much more than the one with textile interior.

    Do you (and other Sloan owners of course) by the way have this problem when pulling the chain fast to change it from shoulder to crossbody and vice versa?

    IMG_2097.JPG IMG_2101.JPG

    What I mean is chain links twisting when I do that, so that I have to straighten them myself by hand. I wonder if it's a defect or something completely normal... :confused1:
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    And here is the bag itself! The color is oxblood.


    I'm still deciding if I should keep it or not. A part from the twisting chain links I'm a bit worried about how delicate the lamb skin is...
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  8. IMG_1734.JPG Oh, that's a nice color, too. I ended up keeping the one with the round knobs because when I compared the bags again, the chain was also longer on that one and the triangles were larger and made it less busy. These are just minor differences. What really sold me was the clasp with the round knob.... I don't have the problem of twisted chain, but I also haven't worn it that much yet... Here's a pic of both next to each other.
  9. You don't really have to wear the bag at all to discover the chain problem. Just pull one of the straps up quickly without holding the bag to convert it into crossbody and back to shoulder bag a few times. Then you'll see if the links get twisted or not.
    Maybe it's only the new model problem, some change in the link design? I see you haven't unwrapped that one yet, so you can't check I guess...

    P.S. Found this unboxing video with exactly the same problem (around 3:45 into the video). So I guess that's normal?!
  10. When I do that the chain links twisting and I don't straighten it, I just loosen the handle and everything becomes ok.
    By the way, I've got 2 bags with chain of other brands and there is no this problem, because the chain links are not flat, they are rounded.
  11. I adore my Sloan! I have the mini size in grey. The leather is so soft and it’s such a practical bag - plus super affordable, would recommend.
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