michael kors owners

  1. hi all,
    tomorrow my michael kors is arriving! i saw it irl and loved it...i've been reading a lot of posts and haven't heard much from people who own mk bags...would love some feedback...the bag is pretty expensive (over 1000)...i mentioned in an earlier thread that i had returned both a bbag and a prada because they just weren't exactly what i was looking for and this bag is...but, i'd love some feedback...
  2. I love MK and I have 2 of his handbags. They are great quality and I love his designs. I have a suede blue shoulder bag and a blue/gold handheld. I love the styling of MK because he keeps it classy, but modern. I hope you enjoy your bag!
  3. oooo which one are you getting, song?
  4. dmitchell, do you have michael by michael kors, or MK?
    MICHAEL KORS Rehearsal East/West Drawstring Satchel - Michael Kors
    this bag in black with silver hardware...it looked awesome in person...i just dont' hear a lot about his bags and was wondering what people who own them thought...
  5. Wow, gorgeous, esp in black!
  6. I have 2 MK bags from the CELINE line-the orange boogie bag and a black suede studded bag, and recently got the straw tote with the white patent leather/chain straps...I'm blanking on the name of it...I LOVE them. Very cute, very well made, and not all over the place. :tup:
  7. girl that bag is beautiful !!! !:smile: what a great choice, i feel like i wrote back to your PM but i forget! :sad:

    I am writing you now i suck :smile: hehe
  8. MK bags seem over priced to me. They are also all over the place -- in the stores. I never really see them on people, though.
  9. OMG. I love Michael Kors. He's one of my favorite designers actually. I have 4 bags and lots of accessories which are mostly from the Michael by MK line. They're not really that expensive either. But I love em none the less.

    That's what I love about MK. His bags are gorgeous, never out of style, are of great quality and are worth the price you pay for them. Oh and here's my 2 fave Michael by MK bags I have:
    DSC05571.JPG mk bag.jpg mk.jpg
  10. wow, the rehearsal bag is amazing - I am eyeing MK bags for ages now although my heart was set on the Skorpios shopper but I now bought a BV shopper in a similar colour so now I am tending towards the one you got in black (GREAT CHOICE) or a nice one with an ID chain.

    I have the original classic CEline Boogie in Luggage as initially designed by MK for Celine and honestly the Boogie just speaks to me. I also have an M by MK bag east west shoulder bag in black pebbled leather with gold studs and this is my everyday bag. it is huge the leather is very forgiving and at $200 I don't feel bad stuffing it with my and my baby's stuff. I am terrible and don't like to use expensive bags for everyday knocking about (which inevitably happens with a baby). honestly, the M by MK bag is still exactly the same as on the day it arrived - and I will get another asap I need a new everyday bag.

    I have clothes and shoes by MK high end line and I love the quality of his stuff. I also really love that you can't see them on a lot of people, at least not like the Prada Gauffre etc (nothing against the bag but it really was all over). I do believe that he sells a lot to Socialites etc so I don't think his stuff isn't selling. another benefit is that you can safely get them off eBay as his stuff isn't faked yet, to my knowledge (yay!) - however over here in germany he is slowly picking up, until now his stuff was our secret weapon but soon I predict that will change...

    the bag on the right is the M by MK bag - the other is no name and I don't have it anymore anyway.
    IMG_1075 (Large).JPG
  11. I think his bags and shoes are great. Nice choice song, esp in the black.
  12. Ohhhh I looove that bag!!! It's gorgeous! I have a couple of MK bags and they are beautiful and very good quality. I don't see them often which is sort of nice. Enjoy your new bag - great choice.
  13. thank you SO much for all the feedback!!! you guys rock...i will let you know when the bag arrives...this has to be my last bag for a year so it needs to be the BEST!!!
  14. I just love that bag! Please post pics when you get it so I can :drool: over it!
  15. That is Gorgeous. I have michael Kors and the leather is just so luscious and smooth that I can't stop touching it. I think you made a great choice.:yahoo::queen: