Metallic Pink Rose Box, BG Pink First, and Lilac First Pictures....

  1. It's been ages since I added photos, so here are my 3 newest bags. I love them all, but of course BG Pink is still my fav, so I am thrilled to have a First as well as my City. I also love the Box since I have wanted one since selling my Magenta Box, and I absolutely love the shiny silver hardware on it. I have to say again, I wish Bal would have all the hardware available on all their bags. It would be great if each customer could buy any bag she wanted with her choice of hardware. I would love to see regular size hardware in shiny gold too! As soon as my hubby comes home and fixes my pc I will add new family photos.
    Here's the BG First. I was extremely lucky to find this one in brand new condition, and a decent price! The accessory is sterling silver, pink mother of pearl shell, and Swiss Blue Topaz...
    1-03-07039.jpg 1-03-07042.jpg 1-03-07051.jpg 1-03-07038.jpg
  2. Here's the lovely Box. This one absolutely had never been used, and it came with the works, including 8 mint tassels! All for $700 including shipping. It's deffinitely the best deal I've ever had. I tried to make a braid for it, but it looked off to me with only one metallic tassel in it. I have a friend who has both a metallic silver bag and a metallic magenta bag, and if she can find two tassels for me I will try the braid with them, and charms and settings that match the silver better. But for now I put this butterfly charm together with swarovski briolette's....
    1-03-07027.jpg 1-03-07032.jpg 1-03-07022.jpg
  3. Last but not least, the Lilac First. I was actually hoping to get a Lilac Box since 06 is the last year for those, but this came up at a good price, and the leather was great with no veins or gray undertones. Deffinitely a color though that needs the accessory to dress it up.
    Accessory made with sterling silver, pink mother of pearl shell, cz's, and swarovski flowers...
    1-03-07062.jpg 1-03-07063.jpg 1-03-07065.jpg 1-03-07055.jpg
  4. Deana, these are some fabulous bags! I haven't seen another metallic pink box, so that is a great find - congrats!
  5. All three of these bags are beautiful! :heart: I am in awe of them; especially the metallic pink box. :love: I am jealous of your collection. ;) Thanks for sharing these 3 beauties with us.
  6. Your BBag is so beautiful.....I should start thinking for pink met. now :yes:
  7. deana i love the colors in your collection!!!!
  8. What a lovely collection!!!
    I also have a Lilac first, i love it!

    Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  9. All right. That metallic pink box is truly the most wonderful bag I've seen in a loooong time. And that's saying a lot since we see a steady flow of jawdroppingly gorgeous bags here. There are no words to describe how scrumptious it is!
  10. deana..what beautiful bags!!! and the metallic pink box is gorgeous! love them all. congrats...
    and i see that you ordered the matelasse.
  11. Beautiful - congrats on three wonderful bags
  12. :blush:
    That is saying a lot! My head is spinning with all the gorgeous bags here to look at. Thank you all very much! I must say I agree with chuggie as well. I have not seen a metallic pink box before, and I wish you all could see it in real life. It truly is one of the most stunning Bal bags I have seen, and with a mint 05 Turq, Magenta, and BG Pink in my collection, that is saying a lot! I am gone on the shiny silver hardware and would love to have it on all my bags. I think that is why I have decided on the matelasse french blue. I knew I wanted to get a french blue but was undecided on the style. But once I saw it in Bev's pictures, I knew that was it. I think the vibrant blue color and the shiny sivler hardware is stunning! Thank you all for your sweet comments!
  13. deana ~ your bag are beautiful. congrats!!
  14. Nice collection u have.....congrats for ur 3 new bags....Enjoy them.....:smile: