'Mes and Pets

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  1. I am so sorry. I have always loved your avatar and I assume he is captured there forever! Such a handsome boy.
  2. He gets the boxes and ribbons....seems fair! Too cute!
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  3. Snuggles is a beauty! Looks so happy with your GP! Is he (she?) a Birman?
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  4. Thank you! She’s a Ragdoll.

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  5. 3631C6F9-0F6B-4DDB-B2A2-FAF8A1B0A013.jpeg Before I could take my new quad bayadere triangle scarf out of its tissue wrapping, my cat detected H in the air and claimed it without having even seen the scarf. BTW, the H pet line is launching this Thursday in the US. For dogs only - CDCs and leashes, I believe. If anyone is in Meatpacking, there is a prelaunch where H folks can bring their fur babies. They’re personalizing both human and doggy CDCs purchased! I told my SA my cat is not happy H is not expanding to include felines!
  6. 67437553-A76C-4B41-BE1D-6D3CE04A84CF.jpeg

    Walking towards work this morning and remembered this thread so snapped a photo to contribute :smile:

    Being able to take two of my loves to work with me is such a nice thing especially when work is stressful!
  7. One of my fur babies hiding behind my B35!

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  8. My sweet British shorthair snuggling up to my CDC ring box.

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  9. He’s gorgeous!
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  10. You have a Border Collie!? :heart:
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  11. #1061 Oct 26, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
    He is a mix with a large part of border collie :smile: I adopted him so I don’t know for sure, but the border collie part is definitely obvious!

    I don’t have any good on topic photo of him from the front with my H stuff except this one (with a corner of the same GP peeking out) but here you go! I will try to snap more in the future.

  12. He is adorable! He looks very smart. And very nice with your GP.
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  13. This is awesome! What a dashing kitty!! LOVE!!!
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  14. What a great picture and great cat!!! Smart, too!!!
  15. Peekaboo!!!!!! Great picture!!!!