Meow Cosmetics?

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  1. Their site looks cheesy, but I've heard good things about their foundation. Also, you can order a sample of anything for $1, which I think is pretty cool. I just ordered a ton of samples, so I'll report back later when I get them :greengrin:

    Has anyone tried their products? If so, what did you think??
  2. I just checked out their website, I think it's kind of cute. I can't wait to see your reviews they have a ton of color options for foundation.
  3. OMG I know, right? I had no clue which formulas or colors to try! I ended up ordering 6 foundation samples :shame:

    I also got one of the eye liners and a couple eye shadows. I had like 19072490723 different samples in my cart, but I forced myself to narrow it down to 10! lol
  4. Oh my gosh please tell me how it goes. I have been on the hunt for a new MM foundation since I read about that theory of BE it causing cystic acne. Anyway I couldn't decide which to try meow or everyday minerals. I just would love to know if these have the same coverage as BE.
  5. ^ I'll let you know! :yes:

    I ordered the medium coverage (Purrrfect) one, because I read that the Flawless one can be a little chalky. The only thing I'm not sure about is that all the formulas are listed as Matte, but I'm not oily and I do prefer the dewy look. So idk how that will work. We'll see!
  6. yes claire please let us know how it goes! their site is adorable!
  7. I tried Everyday minerals and it didn't work for me at all, I felt like I didn't get any coverage from them, I really wished they would have worked. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that clariezk gives us a good review on this.
  8. I also perfer to look dewy. lmkhlh2006,May I ask which formula did you use? I am in desperate need of finding a new foundation that does not contain bismuth & that other B ingredient. I am also looking into the Body Shop mm foundation.
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    I love CC! Yes, their site might not appeal to everyone, but what matters is the product. I love their shadows and MMU. I've tried all different MMU brands such as Everyday Minerals, Lumiere, Pure Luxe Cosmetics, and Aromaleigh as well as the original BE. Personally, I can't tell a difference between different MMU brands with formulation but I do like all the other brands better than BE because there are more colors and it is cheaper! Lately, I've been wearing EDM semi-matte formula, but I do switch around with all the other brands as well all the time.
  10. Never heard of the site before, but it seems like you get a lot more product than you do even at EM. I need some powder to set my foundation, so let us know what you think.

    I wish they did kits though like EM does b/c that is a better value for the money.
  11. I'm bumping this, because I got my Meow shipment today! :yahoo:

    Supposedly they ship faster normally, but they were closed for a few weeks for the holidays and had a back-log. Anyway, the package was super cute with cheetah print tissue paper and a few free samples-- gotta love that :tup:

    I ordered the Pampered formula, which is indeed matte, although not chalky. It feels similar to the EM Semi-Matte, but I suspect it might look a little better on.

    All the different shades and names get a little confusing... There's different levels of depth/darkness: 0=Lightest, 1=Very light, 2=light, 3=medium and 4=dark. Then each level comes in all different undertones. I ordered all of the non-cool-toned shades in level 2. All of the different colors were a better match for me than Bare Minerals, with the exception of one, which looked orange.

    For reference, my skintone is peaches & cream, nc20-25 in MAC depending on time of year. The #2 Chartreux (yellow-peach) was a perfect match on my arm, but I haven't tried it on my face yet. I think I might have to mix Chartreux 2 & 3 to get the best match. I'll report back when I actually wear it on my face! :yes:
  12. Have you used these yet?
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot about this site. Let us know how you liked it!
  14. I did try the samples!

    The stand-out's to me were the ScandalEyes shadow in Lucille B (shimmery pale peachy-pink) and Top Cat finishing powder. The shadow is gorgeous and I already ordered the full size. The finishing powder was a freebie sample they sent me. I didn't love it over their foundation, but it works great over other foundations. It's more matte than what I'd normally use, but it's ultra fine and lightweight with zero pigment and it goes on completely clear. It keeps foundation looking fresh without changing the look or color of it, which I LOVE! I plan on ordering this when I finish up some of the powders I already have.

    The foundation was a GREAT match, but unfortunately the formula wasn't for me. It's just too chalky and dry for my skin in the winter. It's feels featherweight on the skin and the coverage is very sheer, but it didn't conceal flaws and left my skin looking dull. I think someone who's super oily and wants light, matte coverage would love this. I also think it might make a good summer foundation, when it's super hot and humid.

    ps- I also posted a look in the fotd thread recently using the Star J shadow. It's the shimmery aqua color. It's a little brighter than I'd normally wear, but it has a nice texture and it lasted well.
  15. Hmm interesting, thanks for the review! I might have to check their shadows out along with the Pure Luxe ones.