Meet the Coffers................

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  1. Finally got my little family of Miu Mius together. First I'd like you all to meet the Coffers........

  2. And here are their sisters..........................
  3. OMG what a gorgeous coffer family...not 1 but FOUR, OMG!!! Lucky lucky lucky!!! :drool:
  4. HAHAHAH!I thought I WAS BAD!
    U go girl...amazing family!fab pics...thanks for sharing!(LOVED the title!HEHE!)
  5. a little OT but I saw a red patent coffer at Mario's a couple weeks ago...smokin' hot hot hot!!!

    miu2, love your bags!!! gorgeous!!!
  6. Wow! You are making me want a coffer so bad! Now I know all mothers say they love all their kids the same - but do tell, which is your favorite? ;)
  7. I was hoping the title would catch on (hee hee).
  8. The black one is my everyday, so it has a special place in my :heart:. But the Cammello is just soooo lovely! The color is TDF. The suede hasn't been taken out yet, I'm waiting for the Fall months and the Cream little girl still scares me. I'm deadly afraid of color transfer. But I'll be taking her out soon for a spin. :yes:
  9. Grrrrrrrrrrrreat title... hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    And great Coffers, too! Amazing DNA in that family! LOVE 'em all!
  10. OMG! After all the time on the "Authenticate This" thread, it so freakin' nice to see real Coffers for a change!!!! :tender:

    Definitely need the red Coffer to complete the family. ;)
  11. Almost bought the green but decided I'd wait to see if it goes on sale (thanks to all my tPFer friends). But I am still searching for that Blue Coffer, no where to be found .................:crybaby:
  12. fabulous collection...thanks for sharing.

    :roflmfao: and i love the title you gave this thread!
  13. miu those look just great !! do you do this with sweaters and shoes and skirts and ....
    I remember buying 3 pair of patent mules years ago cuz I liked them so much
  14. You know jenskar, funny that you should mention that behavior.........I really think it is obsessive and I definitely have got the gene! :wacko:
  15. WOW! That is a beautiful Collection - Congratulations miu2!
    I have friends in Temecula and visit often - will watch for a coffer sighting!