Meet my little dumpling-small pouch

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  1. #1 Nov 21, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
    96A16C9D-2298-4DE5-BBA1-2CA50015B5BD.jpeg 37414A01-721F-4914-83FF-B6437D63CA0C.jpeg E6888470-3C14-4593-8A47-F70F8B7F5311.jpeg
    Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a while since I have posted on here:smile:
    I really fell in love with this smaller style pouch! The large was way too big, and I need the shoulder strap option. I cannot describe how incredible the leather is:smile:
    The butter soft Camello pouch 20. The color looks slightly different than the photos on the website. I ordered from the BV website. The packaging was amazing!
    I was worried it might not fit my iPhone 7 Plus, but it does.

    I’m still in love with my older BV bags- Pillow, Disco, and Iron bags. They have held up perfectly.
  2. Very lovely!! :heart::heart::heart:
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  3. Oh that color...:heart:
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  4. Thanks lovely lady:heart: Fancy meeting you here:smile::smile:
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  5. Thank you! The color really was a bit puzzling on the website, as it looked like it had a slight sheen or sparkle. This color that arrived has no sheen, but it is a bit mustardy. Still, I know it will look good with my jeans.
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  6. D840965B-3F4C-462B-A5F5-31B384B9BEE9.jpeg 54AD7F2C-F812-4AF0-86CD-0DFFCF4E14B7.jpeg A3C66BAF-A436-43E8-8D7D-039553E083A5.jpeg
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  7. You carry it off beautifully!
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  9. Very Beautiful:heart::heart:
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  10. Thank you! It really is!
    Thanks so much! It is such a fun little bag:smile:

    Thanks Emmjay, coming from you that’s amazing:heart::heart::heart: You are the chicest:smile:
  11. WOW!!!
    What a gorgeous bag and you look fantastic wearing it!
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  12. Thank you so much:heart:
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  14. It suits you! I can see why this fits right in with your Pillow, Iron, and Disco group. Enjoy!
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  15. Stunning little pouch, absolutely love the color and style, and it looks great on you :biggrin:
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