Meet my BJ Birkin's new little friend!

  1. Just wanna share tis wif U ladies :P

    Got this little baby from LV today! Quite a good match, don't you think?:love:
  2. Aaaawww, congratulations!
  3. WOW - That's beautiful! and what a GREAT FRIEND for your Bag! You do spoil your bags! Congratulations!
  4. This is so cute!!!!
  5. That is so cute london! What a perfect match :smile:
  6. cute!
  7. wonderful combination..... congrats dear
  8. Adorable! I love it---is that a new line from LV? I have not been keeping up!
  9. Yes! This is the new limited edition Groom line from LV. They only made wallets, cles and a keyring on these, no bags, so grab them while u can cos they are guaranteed to be sold out very soon!
  10. That's too cute! Congrats:flowers:
  11. A sweet little match if I do say so myself.
  12. That is adorable!! :smile:
  13. gorgeous! and I love your Birkin..
  14. That's a great match! And your birkin is beautiful!!!!
  15. That's really cute and it goes really well with your BJ Birkin. Congrats!