MCM - Modern Creation Munich, ("v")

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  1. I LOVE this! Do you know the name of the color?
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  2. Thank you! It's Cognac.
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  3. Nordstrom has several MCM bags on sale, 10-20% off right now.
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  4. MILLA OWNERS- how do you organize your bag?!!
  5. Why is this board not listed under the main boards any longer?
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  6. Not enough activity.
  7. Sad...I would think there would be more.
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  8. And they'll be even less now as I couldn't even find the board to post!
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  9. HI, just purchased a vintage MCM bag today, although I do need to find a pin to hold the handle on it. Anyways I do believe this brand will be coming back as there is a show on Netflix and the guy who hosts it is always showing and talking about vintage MCM. Never even heard of this brand until I watched the show.. now I want all MCM bags. :smile:
  10. There may not be many of us but lets keep this going. I will post the purse I purchased tomorrow evening. Please post all of yours!!!
  11. What show is that?
  12. Ok..don't laugh but the show is called Slobby's World and its all about this guy in FL who owns a shop filled with vintage items. He wears a MCM fanny pack. It's actually a great show but like I said he does mention the MCM a lot which is what turned me onto it.
  13. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to find my way back to this page. I don't know how I found it the few times I've been here but I feel I need to save the page to get back....
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  14. I just bought the Boston Black in 30 (larger satchel purse). I don't own any other black bags and thought bringing in an LV bag to a brand new job would look too flashy. I love the shape of a satchel but am not used to carrying one so it's great that this one comes with a sporty cross-body strap but I'm still only used to totes or bags that lie against your body. I think this is a great size and relatively understated while still being fun and fancy to carry. What do you guys think? I really want to get into this shape bag and this one is super roomy with a bigger zipper opening than the speedy so it might be a good way to transition. Thoughts?

  15. Enjoy it!! It's always fun trying a new brand and/or style! You end up realizing you can be more opened minded about new styles than you thought!! :smile:
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