MCM - Modern Creation Munich, ("v")

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  1. Thank you! The blue color is very amazing!! I don't know much about MCM, but this says it's visetos. My wallet feels like nice supple pebble leather! I love it and recommend it!!
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  2. I bite the bullet and ordered the large Milla in phantom gray pre loved from Fashionphile! I asked around and researched for over a month and hope I am happy with the large! I’ve had two speedy bags and fell out of love with over the years and ended up selling. I wanted a satchel bag for when I want to put my neverfull up to rest. I went with MCM bc I am almost 30 and wanted something sophisticated that wouldn’t really ever go out of style. I hope this one doesn’t! I can’t wait to get it!
  3. I have the beige MCM Liz tote and I have had color transfer issues with the bag, I wore it with a micro suede type fall black jacket and the entire back of the bag ended up with a black tint from it. I was able to clean most of it off with a magic eraser and some oxyclean spot removal for laundry. Under certain light you can still see the faintest hint of it. I have also had issues with the bottom of the bag if it rubs on the top of my denim jeans. I have a bit of blue transfer on the bottom, the magic eraser did not work as will with the bottom but I did manage to remove most of it. I love the tote but I only use it now when wearing light colors.
  4. Oh no. Thank you so much for the info!!!!!!
  5. It's definitely more of a work tote size. I don't think I would use it outside of a work context.
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  6. I got this MCM Cassette Berlin a couple of months ago. It's not practical but I love it. I put a yellow strap from another bag.

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  7. My first MCM bag. My sister has this toe in black and I loved it. So now I have my own.[emoji16] 20190207_100304.jpg
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  8. This Silver crossbody bag was an early morning Nordstrom Rack online find.
  9. Nice! I love this silver color!
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  10. Thanks! I got really lucky. I saw it on the site at 5am and ordered it. I looked later and it was gone. I honestly didn’t think it would ship.
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  11. No I wasn’t able to. My friend purchased it which is why I was asking. Do you know if it is authentic?
  12. Me too! It looks great on you!
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  13. Yay! Thanks!