MCM - Modern Creation Munich, ("v")

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  1. Hey ya'll. I am a youngin' so I was not around for the peak of MCM purses. However, I have been looking at the vintage bags on eBay today & I am very interested.
    Can you all tell me anything about the label? Why it went under? What labels it is comparable to today? I noticed that the new bags being sold on have very high price points.
  2. Thanks!

    Where MCM popular back in the day? Did everyone carry them or was it a select group?
  3. MCM used to be very hot back in the early 90's. But somehow the fad died and all the stores closed down too. I remembered the days when I see a lot of Japanese carrying the MCM boston bags and teenagers carrying the backpacks and wearing the crystallised jeans. Even my mom was lusting for its boston bag but I was irked by it. I was lemming after LV at that time. Somehow the company was later bought over by a Korean Conglomerate and is trying to make a comeback. I feel that it's still not as successful as it was more than a decade ago.
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  4. where the bags expensive? what was the price point? sorry!!
  5. i remember this.. :rolleyes:
  6. I am trying to remember, but I cannot for the life of me remember anything about the bags except for the name. Drives me crazy...
  7. here's one on ebay. jog your memory? I had to check because I completely forgot about MCM. I was packing Gucci back then.

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  8. yes..there you go...they also had ones that had the print of the world atlas right?
    i thought they were hideous then and i think they are hideous now. well not hideous but just tacky.
  9. Wow! That was a flash from the past!!!!!!
  10. I don't think they are "hideous" or "tacky" at all! They are leather not coated canvas and they held up really well. The atlas wasn't my fav, but the monogram bags (for a monogram bag) were quite classy.
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  11. I have owned 2 MCM bags in Cognac, the older versions. I like them better than the new things I see out now.

    Be careful though on Ebay, older MCM's are faked often. There is a seller of MCM on Ebay from Switzerland who knows her stuff.
  12. My mom has two MCM bags but they both dont have the logo on them, so you wouldnt be able to tell they were MCM. I dont really know what happened to them, one day they were all over the next you couldnt find them anywhere. I believe they are trying to make a comeback now right? How much do new bags go for now?
  13. i guess it's a matter of taste. i personally never found anything attractive about those bags ( both the atlas and the logo) hence i never owned one.
    however i do know that when it comes to bags we all have our tastes and we appreciate other women who love bags. :smile: we can all agree to disagree at one point or another
  14. yes, that's why I would never call someone else's bag hideous or tacky. to me that is just a tacky thing to say.