MC shoes plus a MC bag?! too much???

  1. Hi
    i am about to get a pair MC sneaker, to match my MC priscilla.
    however, i am worry that is it gonna be too much monogram on me.
    what do u think?

    For those of u who has LV shoes, what kind of bag would u choose when u wearing ur shoes? simple bag without logo? or it doesnt matter.

    thanks a lot :rolleyes:
  2. I think it's a little too much. Only because of all the different colors in the mc pattern. I think you can get away with it if you go mono or damier. Bag with no logo like epi or even a monogram bag that is discreet like a pochette would look best. MC sneakers are so cute, btw!
  3. Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted a thread & was quite embarrassed by everyone's comments. lol. I sent them back.
  4. Oh, gosh! I remember your thread! The shoes look better on than they do in a picture.
  5. I remember reading a similar thread about someone rocking denim shoes, denim bag, and denim coat, which was overkill. I think wearing MC shoes and bag would be a bit too much, IMHO. ;)
  6. Honestly I think it'd look tacky. As tacky as dear mrs hilton's bikini top. I don't know if even denim ballerinas would look good with MC, but perhaps mini lin shoes in dakr colour wouldn't be bad.
  7. yeah. i wouldn't do it
  8. Too much, only one MC LV at a time. please.
  9. I wouldn't do it, for me it's too much!
  10. It's WAY too much IMO. I've never liked to see people with WAY too much of any logo'd items on. Ultimately, it's whatever floats your boat but it is overkill and ends up looking tacky IMHO.
  11. Don't use the MC shoes with the MC bag. Use the shoes with an epi.
  12. Never together! Only seperately! Otherwise it's WAY too much.
  13. its a little much to wear all at one time. seperate pieces and they are wonderful
  14. I would wear the shoes and the bags together, however I wouldn't wear it together regularly.
  15. I think if YOU want to wear them together, then go ahead! I don't really see a problem... besides I haven't met anyone who approaches another looking at their feet first....