Maybe a girl *can* have too many paddy's?


Should I keep or sell my 06 Chocolat Paddy satchel?

  1. Keep Choco, you will regret selling it later

  2. Sell Choco, you can find something else you will use more

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  1. Ok gals, I need your advice on my Chloe collection. :yes:

    Currently I have:

    • chocolat regular paddy
    • blanc regular paddy
    • rouge regular paddy
    • taupe large paddy tote
    • bleu nuit mini loaf
    • cognac (chocolat) python silverado
    What I am finding is that when I want a brown bag I reach for the python, so my choco isn't getting enough rotation any more :crybaby:

    My question gals, is if I sell chocolat will I regret it forever???? :shrugs:

    Or should I sell it and get something else fun (maybe a noir, or a Balenciaga work I have been lusting after)?
  2. have just been swooning over your collection in the bag section. Pop the picture up here of the two together (the cognac and chocolate) and get some opinions of how different they are. But, if as you are finding, you are automatically reaching for the silverado, you could swop the chocolate as its an easy colour to sell on.
    Maybe its just that the cognac is new, and you are just enjoying the thrill of using it?

    I too want a balenciaga next, so I understand the yearning ;)
  3. also, just thought about the black paddy with the black hardware, that would complement your gorgeous collection, and is on sale at the moment ;)

    sorry, not helping much!!!
  4. U will regret it forever ! so better keep it and start saving for your new Balenciaga ! :yes:
  5. I would keep it.
  6. C-B, it is such a good thing we don't live on the same continent!! We would be sooo dangerous together!!! :drinkup:

    Ok, I just too some pics and DH is uploading them for me now (can you hear the grumbling all the way from Cali??). Stay tuned for comparo photos...
  7. Keep the choco! It's not about having too many paddies, it's about having a signature look!
  8. Here is a comparo pic (thanks DH!)

  9. Here is another of choco alone:

  10. Here is a pic of choco close up to show the lovely texture:


    The thing that has kept choco in my closet so long is the amazing leather on this bag!!
  11. Oh is it soooo gorgeous! :love: Which season is the chocolate from?

    I would keep it! Seriously, you may well regret it if you don't :crybaby: and the silverado is a different brown and a different style all togeher so I think both should stay in your collection :love:
  12. Thanks :heart:

    This is an 02-06 bag but the leather is softer and more supple than either of my 05 bags. It's like liquid velvet.

    BUT I haven't worn her in AGES now :crybaby:
  13. I would keep her, she's a classic. Even if you're not using her much right now I'm sure you will again when the mood takes you.
  14. Ahhh tricky!!!
    Gorgeous bags....:heart:

    I know it's difficult, but you say you haven't used her in a long i would say sell up - make some money and go for the bag you want and will use.:yes:
  15. That's the thing right, I am so bag-broke I can not buy another unless something else goes!! Or so I am telling myself :graucho:

    I am itching for a Balenciaga, a lighter alternative to my taupe tote, something different for the collection. But OMG I bought too many bags last year, and I should be content. . . right???? :supacool: