May 2023 Purchases


Mar 15, 2018
Received this today, beautiful gold coating ! but it’s going back on next Monday , despite 2 levels of QC , they still send me a bag that is not up to my satisfaction :facepalm: View attachment 5790177 View attachment 5790176
Sorry can you please show the flaws on this as I am considering purchasing the same bag? I recently returned the east west monoglam bag because there was a huge thread sticking out the front plus I wanted the darker version. Thanks
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Nov 28, 2014
Here's the Monoglam PM EW.
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View attachment 5786506

I was really excited to get this bag, but I'm not sure anymore. It seems to be crooked.

I also got the Monoglam Speedy, and it's crooked too.

I thought I checked thoroughly at the store, but I suppose I missed several areas of misalignment.
Oh my goodness! They are beautiful Miss Sunshine Mama:heart: Yall are killing me with these gorgeous Monoglam pieces. Gotta order me something!