May 2023 Purchases

Aug 18, 2022
This is a classic but I’ve had my eye on the Azur Croisette since forever and I got the opportunity to pick it up in Nice France on my looooong delayed vaca
Congratulations @diamondsfrost on your beautiful purse and happy to hear you purchased it in France. Better late than never lol. Enjoy wearing it in good health and happiness :hugs:
Aug 27, 2012
The silver one had more of a holographic look that I like. I took both PM EWs around different lighting and the silver one was more reflective. For me the blue one had more of a subtle iridescence and looked more like glossy denim when not being reflective.

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Do you think the silver one doesn’t look as good indoor? I feel like it looks white? I like the look of the blue one but I received the silver one and I am wondering if I should go through the trouble to go into the store to take a look.