Matte Chocolate Leather ordered!!!

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  1. Ladies,

    Heard back from Jackie. She has ordered the leather and it will be available soon.

    Now, since it looks as though getting a bespoke of 8 of us together to agree on ONE style, lining, etc....will be too challenging to become a reality, I'm told there is enough of this gorgeous leather to order at least 10 bags.

    So........get your BEC's in and order the bag of your dreams! The leather is limited, so I wouldn't take too long deciding.

    And although it would have been nice to receive the discount/FREE shipping, at least the consolation here is, we'll be able to get our custom bags in this dreamy leather!
  2. ...and which style did you decide on Contessa?

    Happy early Birthday:Partyhat:
  3. Yeah, what bag? Or did you just order a sheet of leather to wrap around yourself? :P
  4. Yay!!!! I hadn't heard this, but my order is already in. Can't wait!!!
  5. congrats!!
  6. I chose my fave style....the reg sized LM!

    And thanks for the early Birthday wishes! I'm sitting here watching the Olympics (I'm a sick, addicted, devoted fan!), and suffering from a severe sinus infection, so miserable, but happy & in good company here!!!!

    I've also decided to take up watercolor painting! IF my painting turns out anything remotely like what I've sketched, I may post it here!

    YOU Slsk are a sly vixen!!! Luuuuurve ya! :winkiss:
  7. Contessa, I hope your sinus infection goes away very soon so you can paint your watercolor and post it here! :smile:
  8. Contessa, hope you feel better! Now to fret over what the heck I want to order. Sigh.
  9. Thanks! And thank you Lovehandbags!

    I'm watching the Olympics, painting, & hanging out with my beautiful family.....misery never felt so good!

    As far as ordering the matte choco.....was thinking LM! Although I might just break my own rule & order a massive bag as the leather is soooooooo lush!
  10. That made me spit out my coffee!:lolots:

    Contessa - Hope you feel better. You are such a talented girl. I hope you will post your water color.
  11. what about a matching wallet in chocolate matte :graucho:
  12. Is this the original matte chocolate that we all loved so much? Congrats in advance on your new bag:smile:
  13. This is great news for those who are interested in the choco matte! Sorry to hear that the group bespoke is most probably not going to happen, but with indiv bespoke, at least the shipping is still free!

    Hope you get well soon Contessa!
  14. Thank You so much everyone!

    Painting and waiting for Jeremy Wotherspoon to take the ice!

    I hope the effort was worth getting this leather in for everyone as the love affair here was evident!

    Who's ordering what in matte choco????!

    And the painting is coming along.......I may post it tomorrow ;)
  15. I think a charm me midi or a MMS midi would be gorgeous in this leather!