Massai Search....

  1. After much consideration...I want a Massai. I am states away from H boutique; has anyone seen one?
    I think Holly Golightly was wrong...nothing bad ever happens at Hermes!

    Thanks girls!:yes:
  2. San Francisco H usually has at least one on display. I :heart: the Massai so much!
  3. KoP had a few a few weeks ago.

    Gris Torterelle

    They are not tough to come by...
  4. Call any store and ask them to do a search for you. They are readily available. Good luck.
  5. There is a big white one in Manchester, UK. It's been in the shop for a while - wearing a white bag in cloudy, rainy Manchester would be a bit of a disaster but it would suit a sunnier climate and a tall person.
  6. Uh Oh, I'm not tall-5'5" (never wear flats) and small boned-should I go back to Evelyne. I adore the Massai!
  7. No not at all...go for the PM size...I am 5'2"...and I am getting one...soon....
  8. Sorry, what is KoP?
  9. ^^

    King of Prussia (mall)...
  10. Ah! Thanks;)
  11. I think the Masai is one of the Hermes bags that's hit or miss. You should definitely try one on before you buy it.
  12. After buying two Massais, I absolutely agree with this advice! Try it on first!
  13. Be warned: its beautiful, but it weighs a TON! :-O
  14. SCP had 3 Massais on display- a black, vermillon, and charcoal gray (graphite?) one
  15. I guess I was really attracted to the Massai partly because it's lined-do you guys mind the unlined Evelyne? I had a Mulberry messenger bag which was unlined, and it drove me nuts-though I imagine Hermes would have superior detailing and structure.