Marvelous May 2020 acquisitions!

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  1. It’s May already?! share your purchases here! :love:
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  2. I shared it April but didn’t realize it’s actually May now! Sharing my new to me IMG_3803.JPG
  3. ohh love your 12P mini!
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  4. It took me forrrreeeevvvvveerrr to find!!! And she’s in pretty good condition!
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  5. Is this a silver caviar mini? Beautiful.
  6. Chanel is still closed here :crybaby:
    So I’m going to enjoy all of your treasures :heart:
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  7. It’s actually like an shimmery iridescent beige. This is the color in natural sunlight.


    Not my picture but this is close to its true color in person.
  8. This quarantine is going to make me broke--between investing tons in the stock market and buying chanel bags! Still waiting for the arrival of this little bag :smile: 57c92b9db9356f93bcb798a882fbf63e.jpg
  9. Pretty!!
  10. Beautiful, did you get this from Fashionphile?
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  11. Yes!
  12. Hmm, I recently sold this same bag to them. Wonder if it’s my former bag. I only let it go because I recently purchased the reissue mini in black aged ghw and then bought a blue tweed mini reissue and I couldn’t justify having three of them plus I also have a rectangle mini. The color is beautiful. I hope you love it!
  13. What a coincidence! I also bought the black reissue mini with GHW last year but wanted something more colorful with RHW.
    Btw they also had the same bag at yoogi's closet. Did you list there too?
  14. I’m not 100% sure it’s the same bag but if it is it’s shiny silver hardware not ruthenium. I sold it to FASHIONPHILE so that’s really odd if the same bag was listed on both sites. To be honest I’ve sold multiple Chanel items over the last couple years and I’ve never seen them listed on their website. I don’t check daily and I don’t know how long it takes from the time they receive it and verify before it’s on their website. Well regardless of whether it’s the same bag it’s a unique color and I hope you love it,
  15. here's mine :angel:
    I tried to find the name of this bag, but I was told it was just "flap bag" , so if anyone knows it, I'd love to know too :P
    96350042_269855107483838_8673799360372277248_n.jpg 96139767_678595689622664_7518612664243716096_n.jpg