MARLI New York

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  1. Hello Ladies!

    I just recently came across this jewelry brand and was looking to see if there was any thread about it on here but didn't find any. It is a US brand and they opened their first flagship store in the middle east here in Dubai. I visited them and fell in love with their designs! Specially the Cleo collection. I believe a lot of people are starting to look into them and I think they will be a hit very soon just like Messika.

    During my visit I purchased the full diamond Cleo slip on bangle in Rose Gold with Pink Opal and it is just the prettiest thing! It stacked beautifully with my Cartier love bracelet as well. I fell in love with their dainty chokers, but that's next on my wishlist :biggrin:

    Cleo-1.jpg Cleo-2.jpg Cleo-3.jpg Cleo-4.jpg Marli Choker.jpg
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  2. Anyone? :biggrin:
  3. I never saw them but it’s beautiful.
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  4. H :heart:

    they are indeed a HIT! people here are going crazy over them .. Mabroook on your purchase, please do show!!!
  5. Hi foxyqt,

    Your post is the first I had heard of the brand. It definitely has a very modern look!
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