Margot Robbie

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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2015
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    I think that it's time for thread about her :smile:

    Margot covers Marie Claire US, March 2015, photographed by Beau Grealy.
    Some quoteas from the paper:
    ... and some photos:
    1423232732-screen_shot_2015-02-06_at_92517_am.png gallery_nrm_1423091925-margot_1.jpg
  2. teller_robbie_2015_sci-techs.jpg
    More photos:
    Miles Teller and Margot Robbie attend the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' Scientific And Technical Awards Ceremony at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on February 7, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

    Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+yoXD1ACfUf2l.jpg Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+P_c-JqCXiR3l.jpg Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+fRUAIHJ22w-l.jpg Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+32rjmtNFcR0l.jpg
  3. ^^
    Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+6xDMywrND5ll.jpg Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+viQ_tnIt6cYl.jpg Margot+Robbie+Academy+Motion+Picture+Arts+tDJLc0fnJZul.jpg
  4. Some interviews from Sundance 2015, mostly about 'Z for Zachariah'
  5. She's very pretty and looks so much more striking as a blonde.
  7. Such beautiful actress usually doesn't go far in Hollywood. The actress shouldn't be too pretty to be successful there.
  8. I loved her in Pan Am. Im still mad they cancelled that show!
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  9. Margot new film 'Focus' opens in theaters on February 27th. Official synopsis
    and trailer


  10. Same!
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    focus0007.jpg focus0009.jpg focus0019.jpg focus0021.jpg focus0025.jpg focus0026.jpg focus0029.jpg
  13. ^^
    focus0022.jpg focus0020.jpg focus0001.jpg focus0024.jpg
  14. She is really more beautiful when she's blonde.