Marc Teri Turnlock Tote by MJ?

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  2. Ah, I should have figured there was a MJ forum.

    Thank you!
  3. i have this in black and i must tell you the leather is TDF! its so soft and light!!
  4. I have this bag in black as well. I agree that the leather is very nice -- soft and good quality. It's also a very cool design -- the pockets keep everything very organized. Two issues that I don't like -- 1) the bag is a tight fit over the shoulder with a light coat, 2) because the leather is so soft it tends to look a bit slouchy unless you have it stuffed pretty full. I carried mine for about two weeks and will likely put it back in the rotation this summer (when I can wear it over my shoulder). Hope that helps!
  5. Really???

    OK, here's the deal- I just bought a Balenciaga Day bag- I have yet to use it though. I have 2 toddlers, so at times I will be carrying a couple of diapers, some snacks. I'm also a writer so I tend to carry a notebook and files with me....

    Plus my usual stuff.

    Do you think everything would fit in this bag? Is it heavy? Should I return the Day bag? Please, tell me what to do!!!!!!!! :crybaby:
  6. The leather of Turnlock Teri is very soft . It has 3 big compartments and is extremely roomy. I tried it on shoulder and the bag is very light too! It is good if you have to carry the bag around for long time in a day.

    by the way, what is your B day bag? :smile:
  7. Will a notebook and standard files fit in this bag comfortably? What about magazines?


    I checked eBay and there is one being sold- black, gently used, but the bidding ends in 6 long, very long, days...

    I see NM and BG have them for $428- but only in 2 colors- although the green one looks cool and I don't own any bags in that color.

    Is there any other place that sells them? I'm also trying to get rid of a slew of bags I already own- Gucci, Prada, etc... But I'm not allowed on the sell forum since I'm new.

    Oh, I got this Balenciaga bag:

    Fashion Hire - Handbag Details - Glamour Queen - Balenciaga

    I got it at NM at the Short Hills Mall just a few days ago. I don't have that color- I don't know the name, it's a brownish color but one you can use all year round. I paid over 1k.
  8. Wow! you carry quite a bit, don't you? I think your stuffs can fit into the bag, how large is your laptop though? Those 3 compartment can really expand as the display Turnlock Teri was stuffed with paper tissue.

    Maybe you can go to the store and try it on? Or order it online, if you find it unsuitable, you can return it. ;)

    Which colour you prefer?
  9. Let me see...

    Here is a white one from Zappos :
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri (Chalk) - Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags

    2 from eBay :

    Black :
    eBay: MARC BY MARC JACOBS TOTAL TURNLOCK TERI BLACK HANDBAG (item 200088899095 end time Mar-22-07 18:00:00 PDT)

    Blue :
    eBay: Marc by Marc Jacob Turnlock Teri, Blue, $430 (item 300091895355 end time Mar-22-07 10:28:54 PDT)

    Beige/Buff is great too! I think Camouflage is cute too, it really depends on your wardrobe actually.

    Good luck with your decision! ;)
  10. Oh, I would not carry my laptop with this bag. When I said notebook, I meant a regular notebook, to jot down my notes and ideas. I also work for a company that organizes scavenger hunts so I carry a notebook and files for that job :smile:

    The color? I don't know, I have a few black bags so I am thinking of getting a different color but I could take black.
  11. Oh, thanks N- I appreciate your help so much! You're the best!!!

    I did see those bags. Definitely cannot take white- no way. I guess it's either black or the camoflauge one. I tend to wear black but also a lot of pink (on top- not pink pants- lol!).
  12. I love this bag. I have a black one and I've been using it all winter. I have 2 preschoolers so I need all the compartments to carry all their stuff plus my work stuff. I can fit a magazine, or file folders, and letter size papers. I tried to fit a 1/2" binder in it but that was just too wide. I think the papers fit better because I can bend them a little while the binder I could not. I love all the compartments to keep everything organized. I highly recommend this bag and it has stood up to all sorts of precipitation. Can you tell I love the bag?!! I saw a black one at Bloomingdale's so I think that color is coming out this season. I also saw it listed recently on Sorry not on sale though.
  13. I Love Mine Sooo Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you ladies. I will probably go to NM on Monday to check the bag out in person and possibly return my B Day bag. Or perhaps keep my Day bag and buy the Teri Tote...

    I am digging the green more and more but I have to see it in person to make sure. I own so many black bags. The green seems like something I could use all year round- do you think?