Marc Jacobs Stam Bag


Jul 1, 2009
Anyone still have/use their Stam?
I had a full sized stam I only used a couple of times, I just sold it because as much as I adored the bag I am petite and the size/ strap drop I didnt feel worked for me. So I never used it. However, if I could get my hands on a little stam I would use it now since the size would be better. I love the stam!


Jan 19, 2006
I still have my patchwork stam.. needs a little bit of a visit to the dr though, a seam in the patchwork ripped... I think with all this vintage lady like styling re-emerging on the runways, the stam might be a cool "vintage" bag to break out.
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Feb 22, 2020
I fell in Love with the Stam when it was first launched and went on a wait list to get it-I got the first wave he did with Canvas lining (in about 2006 I think) though I always really loved the first version he did with burgundy suede lining.
I must confess that although I made a massive fuss about getting it and even to my mothers annoyance spent some of the Money my father left me to buy it (I think it cost around £780) I have barely used it.
I still love the design and its very cool classic with an edge (my bag is black) but its SO heavy even with nothing in it.
I hope it makes a comeback because it is a gorgeous bag and beautifully made but with the chain adding to the weight though I know I'd be very reluctant to sell it I am dubious as to wether I will ever wear it again and due to the weight I'm now glad I didn't get one with suede lining
Mine's a large size in the Icy Leather
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Jun 10, 2012
New York
This thread has inspired me to take mine out and use them! And also buy a couple that I missed out on the first time around (a stam in blush and one in gray). I'd love to see everyone's OOTDs with their Stam after the pandemic restrictions are lifted!


All things metallic...
Mar 13, 2015
I have a mini Stam that I bought on Posh a few weeks ago... I love it! I wish MJ would revamp it and re-release.
That’s the best, most wearable size. Hope you can share a picture. I had two large beautiful Stams I bought on ebay, and enjoyed then, but decided to sell once I discovered the smaller sizes. To me the Stam is the best shape ever.
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