Marc Jacobs Stam Bag

  1. Do you think this bag is still worth keeping?
  2. I have this bag and I love it... but I have yet to use it! I bought it because it was my dream bag for years and years.

    So it really is up to you.
  3. If you like it, yes.

    If you're keeping it because you're hoping there will be a renewed interest in MJ and you can get serious cash for it, no.

    I'm keeping my little stams but have been selling my regular sized ones because they look dated to me. I didn't buy classic styles, though; they were all specialty stams and my taste has changed.
  4. Shelbyrana - I also bought it because it was the first designer bag I ever wanted! lol.

    I'm just unsure where to use it. It seems too blingy for everyday but I guess too big for special occasion. I used to drool over celebrities with their Stam I don't know how to use it because I am such a crossbody girl!
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  5. faith_anne

    I actually like it, just I don't know when and where to use it. Also I prefer crossbody bags. I remember I used to think it looked rock 'n roll...

    Maybe I'll wear it with my band shirts and jeans...will it look out of place?
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  6. I still have my stam and haven't worn it at all. Maybe we can use this thread as inspiration by posting ootd pics with it. I still like mine, it's the most ladylike bag I own.
  7. randr21

    Yes, that will be awesome. :smile: I still like it too. Just don't know where and when to wear it!
  8. which stam do you have?
  9. faith_ann,

    I have the black classic Stam. The big one.
  10. i think that goes with pretty much any outfit
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  11. I have three MJ stams -- purple, berry and a bronze one (repainted black). I love all of them. The only thing I wish was a strap that's easier on the shoulders. If I don't have to multi-task, then I carry it over my arm or hand-carry.
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  12. I have three of them: black, truffle and burgundy. I haven’t used them in a while but I normally wear them in the summer time when I carry less to work.
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  13. I never owned one but I still think it’s an awesomely stylish bag. I think the chain and quilting is still very relevant. Dior, Chanel always have quilted bags with chains in their collection. I actually wish Marc Jacobs would reintroduce an updated Stam bag collection, cause I missed out the first time.
  14. For sure, it's gorgeous!! The classic black has been my dream bag for 10 years. It isn't in my price range but even after all this time I still think it goes with everything :smile: