marc jacobs quilted denim bags.....

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  1. Seems that most major design houses are foraying into the world of denim handbags....LV, dior, chanel.....and now the marc jacobs line.......

  2. NM has the banana hobo and the venetia in a paler denim, with white leather trim. I still wouldn't buy it, but it looks nicer than these.
  3. never been a big fan of denim myself......although the LV monogram denim has grown on me.....
  4. don't like it one bit. bleh. i agree, the LV denim line looks the best of all of them.
  5. I don't like any of these denim line that the designers are putting out except the LV denim neo speedy. :love:
  6. I saw those bags on full display at a Nordstroms near me this past weekend. I wanted to tell them to hide the bags...they don't look nice at all in person.
  7. Those are ugly :sick: I don't like the quilting.
  8. Actually, i think marc jacobs was the first one on the denim bandwagon because he designs for louis vuitton in additon to his own line.
  9. I'm surprising myself here, but I actually like the darker Venetia.
  10. I actually like the hobo one, but it is just me or should denim be that $$$$
  11. The lighter coloured denim bags are actually kind of cute, but then again, if I had that kind of money to spend on any bag, I'd probably invest in something that's bound to be a little more lasting in terms of material-style. Maybe it'll grow on me though, the Louis Vuitton denim line was utterly hideous when I first saw it, but now.. mm.. hopefully one day I'll have a baggy pm.
  12. Well ... here I go again (the "weirdo" :weird: ) ... I LOVE the denim bags, although the one I really like is the darker denim Venetia bag (the lighter one looks kind of strange).

    I have one of the L/V Denim (large Baggy GM), and I just love it! I carried that baby all around Italy, and it was extremely comfortable to carry (plus - you can also get a long shoulder strap for it so that you can carry the bag across the shoulder).

    What I don't like about the MJ Venetia bag, is that you can't put it on your shoulder (I'm a shoulder bag gal). That limits my hands ... that's bad for a super-shopper!!! ;)
  13. I love the darker ones!
  14. If I had to choose, I would go with the lighter demin. But don't make me choose, I'm not crazy about them.
  15. I'm in the minority too...I think they're very pretty! I mostly like the darker denim esp. the Venetia. Most denim bags are ugly IMO but these look classy. I actually like them better than the LV denim line.