Marc Jacobs and LV

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  1. What are your feelings about the direction he is taking LV? I seriously think it's not great. His (LV) bags are too out there and they just seem to completely clash with the history of LV. And this new ad campaign that he is invisioning "Young and Cartoony" ummm yuck.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Well according to WWD LVMH has seen a 20% increase in revenue last year. So they are doing something right. Marc Jacobs gets great press and is well liked. I personally havent been thrilled with his LV designs but they are selling and I guess that is what matters.

  3. I don't like many of his designs, but hey, he's increased sales dramatically, and he's pulling customers in that may not have bothered with LV otherwise. He's giving the trend followers something to buy while also giving the regular customer base their famous classic styles that can be carried for eons. The company really does have something for most anyone.

    If you like all leather, they've got it. If you want the famous Mono canvas, oh they've really got that one covered. If you want cherries, pandas, ostrich skin, graffiti-style branding, suede or perforated whatever, it's a done deal. Smart marketing IMO.
  4. if he puts YOUNG and CARTOONY with UNDER 50 bucks may b then ill buy them on my own lol. (cheap)
  5. MJ is very creative. I'm sure he'll come up with something we all love.
  6. It's funny you ask, because I never liked LV and thought the mono was WAY overplayed and old ladyish, till I first cast my eyes on the Manhattan line. Then, it was love at first sight. I really want the Koala wallet as well now.

    And this line has opened my eyes to the beauty that is LV :love: :biggrin:

    Though, yeah, not loving everything he does, like the perfs and the fringe, but I think he has rejuvenated the company and given it more edge, IMO.
  7. I really prefer the classics in LV but a lot of people like MJ. I wouldn't buy a MJ bag but I like some of the LV MJ. It is disturbing about the "young and cartoonish" quote though. Yuck.
  8. Well I have a Manhattan PM and absolutely love it!!!! As far as the perfo line, gag!!! I hope he takes a turn in the right direction soon....of course, the classic mono and damier lines will always been a fav of mine!
  9. I love some of the lines he's given us, like Suhali, Vernis, and Multicolore. But I'm not into his recent stuff.
  10. He did bring in the Klara, which I find just stunning. I would love to see him try to create more classics like the Klara instead of going with perf, but I still love his work as a whole.
  11. Perfo is the only truly UGLY thing he's done with LV, in my opinion. I like Marc Jacobs, he's a very smart and creative man.
  12. My favorite LV line is the Suhali.

    If I were to get any traditional monogram canvas bag.. my first choices would be the hudson or the Manhattan.

    I didn't even realize they were designed by MJ till recently so I have had some high respect for the designer...

    However, I personally don't like the perforated/Neon bags, which I see that he also designed, he truly throws you off with his sense of style.

    I feel like I either REALLY LIKE some of his designs, but REALLY HATE some others. Hard to judge the designer overall....
  13. i think marc jacobs takes some really interesting and creative risks, both with LV and with his own line. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but they are always beautiful to look at. i wouldn't carry or wear most of the stuff he's come up with but i definately appreciated his creativity. i think he's brought in a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise have bought LV with his unexpected twists on classics. there will always be speedies and cabas pianos for people like me, but it's nice that there's some multicolore for people like my baby sister...seeing that "youngness" from a traditionally "old person" brand opened her eyes to the rest of what LV has to she's a fan of the whole house.

  14. ^^I agree. I'm not a huge fan of the perfo line. I wouldn't spend my money on it. But that's just me.
  15. I am most annoyed by MJ's introduction of the push-clasp he has put on mini pleaty, koala, ravello etc. Sure, it may look nice but it makes it a pain in the a$$ to open and close all the time. It is one extra clasp that is not necessary since a normaly metallic snap works perfectly fine. Plus, it scratches so easily.