Manhattan GM or Mono Mizi???

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Manhattan GM or Mono Mizi??? I can only get one!

  1. Manhattan GM

  2. Mono Mizi

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  1. I have the chance to get either a Manhattan GM or a Mono Mizi, but I can only get one. Both are in the same excellent condition. Which one would you choose? They are both great bags and I can't decide!
  2. Mizi!!! It is no longer available and I don't like the buckle on the Manhattan. Seems like a pain to get into.
  3. I say Manhattan GM!
  4. manhattan gm is such a classic elegant bag... besides the fact that the buckle gets annoying and it gets a little heavy.. lol.. but i'd definitely choose the manhattan over mizi
  5. I just spoke to TWO guys friends and they both said that the Mizi looked like a bowling bag. They both liked the manhattan. LOL!!!
  6. I'd definitely get the MIZI .... :tup:
  7. I am tooootttttallly suggesting a Manhattan GM!! The Manhattan was my first LV, and I love her!! First of all, it's rare (well so is the Mizi but still..) and although it's heavy, it's very classy and can really spruce up an outfit!! It has enough character to not be boring and enough simplicity to go with understated outfits. :yes:
  8. There is no contest- Mizi hands-down! Do you want a rare, elegant bag or an over-embellished, often-faked one?
  9. I vote for the Mizi! There's really no contest between the two. The buckle strap on the Manhattan does look annoying.... The Mizi has a great design!
  10. i vote for the manhattan GM, that was my first LV piece
  11. i just recently got the mizi and i just love how it looks . Its soo pretty. and well i still havent had a chance to use it. So in that sense i cant comment but i thinks its pretty.
  12. I like Mizi but if you want more "eye catching" bag, go for Manhattan GM ;)

    PS: Manhattan GM usually have problem at the cowhide tongue. It usually get major and deep scratches. I saw one on eBay with such that scratch.
  13. Are you planning to use it more for work, or casual ? I'd get the manhattan for a work bag, but mizi for every day ! :yes:
  14. Manhattan GM is a gorgeous bag!
  15. mizi