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  1. Has anyone tried this line and is it any good. Saw her on QVC yesterday (all day). Didn't purchase anything but came soooo close. Would love to hear some reviews if you have. TIA. :smile:
  2. You beat me to it! I was gonna post this too... just curious as to anyone's opinion on her line. I don't normally buy off of QVC, but I think this is the only place that sells her line. Mally Roncal is a celebrity makeup artist whose worked with Beyonce, JLo, Thalia, Eve, Mariah Carey, etc., amongst others. I've admired her work for years. I'm happy that she's come out with her own line, so I'm thinking of trying it out. Has anyone tried this line at all?

    Check out the line here:

    Check out her work here:
  3. I had the exact same question! Every time I see her on QVC I wonder how good her products are. Anyone...
  4. They also sell her products at Henri Bendel.
  5. I have some of her products (Shimmer Shape and Glow - useless) and the Bronzing palette (with the pink blush - it's alright). I love LOVE her blush brush, the best I've ever had!
    I also love watching her because she is so much fun and has a great personality. Has she had her babies yet?
  6. My mom bought a whole bunch of stuff from Mally a while back. All of the eye shadows are so light you can't see them. The brushes are ok but we were not impressed with the cosmetics as a whole.
  7. I resisted the temptation....seeing as though I spent money in MAC last week and yesterday.

    She did have her babies.
  8. I got the eye brightener thing 2 yrs ago during the debut and it was useless..I returned it back. but checkout the reviews on :
  9. I use her eyeliner in brown/black and it is the best I've found. Look on QVC for one with a slant to it, because it is easier to apply. (They may not have them now since, as someone said, they just had a whole day of her products. Check back if they don't.) I was hooked on MAC everything for the eyes until I stumbled upon this. Also Mally's mascara is GREAT!!

    I'll go check QVC for you to see if I can find the eyeliner. Be back in a minute.
  10. They're out of the wider, slanted eyeliner now, but here's a whole kit for the eyes. It's item no. A5513, and does have the mascara as part of the 7 piece kit. Just go to and type in Mally eyeliner in the Search. The above no. will come up, along with 3 other things.

    I don't use any other of her products except for my eyes, but some people swear by all her products. Call 1 - 800 -345-1515 if you haven't ordered from QVC before. hth.
  11. I was watching her too! I noticed her last name was Roncal, so I went up to my frien Colleen Roncal, I was like do you have a cousin named Mally? She goes "The one who does make up for like Beyonce and stuff?" I go yeah!! She replied with "Thats my aunty!" So!!!! I get to meet Mally in May sometime!!!!! I hope she brings gifts.......
  12. ^^ You are Lucky! I think she is gorgeous!
  13. she comes back to qvc in august im going to buy and then let all of you know
  14. I have the smoky eye kit in brownstone. I love it & everything is in one case (cream base, highlighter, lid color, & powder eyeliner). It also comes with an eyeliner pencil that you can use for a more dramatic eye, but you can leave it off for daytime. The only thing to note is that the cream base is rather dark. I also have her concealer kit. love it. :wlae:And I have the shimmer, shape, & glow in pink. It is great! :yahoo:The video on tells you exactly how to apply it. I ordered the grey tone smoky eye kit on her last visit & also another shimmer, shape, & glow in peach. this kit also came with an extra eye shadow & caramel lip gloss. She is so pretty, & fun to watch.
  15. I have some of her eyeshadow kits and love them! I also have her Shimmer, Shape & Glow & the Bronzing kit (sorry..can't think of the name at the moment) and like them as well when I do use them (I jump around and use a lot of different brands)! :smile: