Mai Britt's collection

  1. Love your new Chanel!
  2. I love your entire collection!
  3. Love your collection.
  4. Loved your whole collection!
  5. If I am lucky I can add a bag in 24 hours :biggrin::biggrin: I have a little feeling I'll be getting a keepall or something for christmas..
  6. Thanks for sharing...I want that LV Violet Reade!!!
  7. your pink mulberry:heart:
  8. That's quite the collection, love the Chanel especially ! :graucho:
  9. Great collection!....and your pug is so cute!
  10. Vuitton Keepall 50 - a christmas gift from my Parents..

  11. I LOVE that purple vernis Reade!! So gorgeous-you've got a great collection!
  12. Everything you have is gorgeous!!
  13. :blush: thank you so much..
  14. Got the White Chanel Jumbo (I think) flap bag with silver hardware in Nice, France in the end of february and bought the Vuitton Deauville in Monogram Canvas yesterday..

    will post pics very soon :yes:
  15. Wow, great collection!!!!