Mai Britt's collection

  1. Love the groom agenda, reporter Gm, pegase, and Dior saddlebags!
  2. nice! I'm loving the Gucci travel bag.
  3. Nice!!!
  4. my new Deauville on my pegase.. I added a strap to it..
  5. I love the way you have the bag strap used as a key lanyard. That rocks!
  6. Great bags- love the collection
  7. I LOVE your collection!!!
  8. Nice collection :yes:
  9. i love your collection alot one of my favorites !
  10. oh i love your deauville! great collection.
  11. Mai Britt, what FABULOUS collection you've got going, my dear! Seeing your pink cambon makes me miss mine.:crybaby: I'm with those who said your purple Reade is GORGEOUS!:love: I was going to name the pieces I love the most but can't as everything you own is STUNNING!!!:tup: Keep those updates coming!:yes:
  12. aaww thank you!!! I don't think I have posted my jumbo Chanel flap bag AAAND om monday I will add a brand new Vuitton suitcase to my collection!
  13. Forgot to post my Chanel Jumbo Flap when I got it back in february. This pic is from our trip to Berlin 1½ month ago..

  14. LV EPI is soooo pretty!!!
  15. Fabulous...absolutely fabulous!