magenta misery

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  1. hey girls forked out a fortune £346 plus p&p for ups delivery to be totally gutted when the hanover arrived after seeing sj's magenta i was totally hooked but looking at mine there is half inch under the handle where the leather colour has come away and the front corners are scuffed the back corners are dirty i persume this is from the shelf and may clean up but how would i go about the scuffed leather where the colour has come away or should i just return as not impressed i just lovelove the colour so much and don't know if i will get another oppertunity again to purchase please help with my dilemma :wtf:xx
  2. Oooo,hunny!! That sounds really crap!!! Post pics and let us have a look at it for you. xxx
  3. Can you get a refund or voucher? dont settle.....i'll keep my eyes peeled
  4. trying to resize pics they dont refund which i think is pants when you buy over the phone having not seen in real life xx
  5. i am ideally looking for magenta ledbury but the hanover would have been acceptable if it wasn't in such poor condition for the money according to the label it says a/w07 i just wonder if this is the bag design or when the magenta was issued ? xx
  6. STA60024.JPG



    just need to resize others for you plus it didn't come with carecard of dust bag?????:crybaby:
  7. I would send it back... or ask for a futher reduction, not good enough !!!

    To much to ask for a damaged bag !!
  8. STA60024.JPG


  9. really disappointed i am just wondering if i should forget the colour and be happy with the lavender i have in the rosemary style? its alot of dosh for something i believe should have been marked sub it is disgusting i asked the lady on the phone and she said it was ok condition bet she was glad it wasn't her money x
  10. I wonder given my exerience in the bond street shop whether its a prob with some bags. my oak printed bays is very scuffed given i bought it in dec from website. what about if you try mulberry themselves..maybe they could suggest something.....after all its yours now paid for it ...and its authentic..
  11. possible but i just don't know it will bug me knowing the marks are not from my usage of the bag and the fact i wasnt given a full enough description on the phone this has taught me an expensive lesson xx
  12. Return it....
  13. Ah Bayley, that's so disappointing hun :crybaby:

    Did they ever make the ledbury in magenta? Could this be a sign for you to hang on till you can get hold of that instead?

    Which branch did you order from? I'd be tempted to ask for a refund of delivery as well. Even if you end up with a credit note, it doesn't seem fair that you should be out of pocket for a damaged bag?
  14. your bays story doesn't sound good either i have just bought a printed oak ledbury and thankfully it has feet xx
  15. shepton mallet