Magenta First at Bal NY

  1. Anyone looking for a magenta first? I ended up returning my lovely bag to Bal NY. I just didn't think I could pull off the magenta. I'm sure the bag won't last long. If you're interested, please give Joseph a call--he's been such a help and I'd love for him to get credit for the sale.

    Number is 212-206-0872.
  2. OH!!! Someone PLEASE get this before my fingers dial the number. I must resist... seeing as how I have no use for a small bag anyhow! But magenta...lovely lovely magenta.
  3. valerieb, sorry the magenta did not work out for you! thank you for the heads up!
  4. valerieb, I called Joseph and he said the bag is very distressed. In your opinion, is it very distressed?
  5. hey valerieb, are you looking at getting any of the new colours that will come out this season to replace the magenta???? thanks for letting us know!!! ***hugs***
  6. Hi Valerieb, I just realized I fotget to say THANK YOU for heads up!!! It's very nice of you. I might be too late to grab this bag. :cry:
  7. luvpurse, call them now and get it! worse comes to worst, you can return it for store credit and purchase a lovely fall/winter bag!
  8. I too, vote for getting it while the getting is good - good luck!! :smile:
  9. Just to clarify, this is the pre-fall 2005 bag? I didn't realize they still carried earlier styles.
  10. Yup, it's an older bag. BalNY got a shipment from the warehouse of some older 05 bags(Bordeauxs and Magentas) a week or 2 ago. Apparently, there was some stock left. They sold out of the Magentas quickly and they have a couple Bordeauxs left(I bought a Bordeaux, but exchanged it because mine arrived damaged so if you order one be sure to make the SA examine it very very carefully all over for you).
  11. LOL! OMG! This is sooo funny! I've actually been in contact with the seller. Some scammer stole one of her pics and I e-mailed her about it and reported it to ebay. She was really sweet and I wished her luck on her auction, then recently I noticed the high bidder's name and remembered seeing it here on TPF(maybe my hubby is right, I think I am spending too much time here if I recognize members' names). Anyhoo, I told the seller that if the high bidder is who I think it is(you of course) that it's a great sign because you're a PFer. I didn't think to ask if the seller was one, too! Anyhoo, I'm rambling again, but yes, the bag looks great!!! I almost decided to bid on it, too, but I'm holding back(well, my hubby is holding me back) because I'm trying to restrain myself to 2 Bbags this season(one coming this week and I want to get the Blue India when it comes out or a 05 Rouge Twiggy if I can still find one--heard it's still at NM somewhere). But, yes, good luck on that gorgeous Magenta!!! :smile:
  12. ^^Thanks, you are super sweet! I wasn't planning on a magenta at all but it just looked too good to pass up and I am quite blond and fair so I thought it would be a good color to go for (right now I only have a black city and desperately want a black flat brass first!).
  13. The Magenta is going to look fantastic on you!!!! :smile:
  14. ^^Thanks! If I win I'll post pics asap.