Madison Carryall update

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  1. Some of you may remember this incident when my Madison Carryall developed a crack/peel just a few weeks after I received her?

    Yesterday I got my replacement. They sent me a brand new one, the whole process took about 2 weeks from when I mailed it out until I got the new one.

    However, I'm too scared to keep her. This was my HG bag, so it makes me pretty sad to send her back, but I won't use her. I might as well exchange her for something else!

    So my hubby helped me pick something new last night. I won't say what it is! He said he never liked the Madison Carryall anyway, LOL. Reveal coming in about 2 weeks!
  2. Did they make you pay anything to get it fixed? When I had to send in my Carly b/c of the leather strippings they made me pay $20!
  3. Congrats and sorry that the Carryall didn't work for you.But at least you are doing the Right thing by getting a bag that you will Love and not be afraid to carry.Thats what it is all about, carrying the bag.I will Only buy Coach bags and accessorie's that I will not be afraid to use.Too much money involed..Can't wait to see your new bag!:smile:
  4. I only had to pay $20 to send it to Coach insured with delivery confirmation. Which I'll have to do again.. ugh! That's $40 just in shipping. I wish I'd decided to exchange her before I sent her out the first time!

    But no way am I sending out a $400 bag with no insurance on it. I'd rather pay the money than lose $400!
  5. I would maybe be a bit uncomfy myself. Dont blame you at all
  6. Wow sorry about all of this but I agree there is NO POINT investing in a bag you are too afraid to use. Can't wait to see what you end up with!
  7. Oh my goodness.. Word to the wise: when shipping a bag back to Coach via USPS, use the flat rate boxes! Priority shipping + Insurance + Delivery Confirmation cost me $32.70! Holy cow! I was mad when she gave me the total. It cost me $20 to do it last time, and I had a BIGGER box. :pout: She offered me the option of re-packaging it, but I had my 5 year old with me, and they don't have box sealing tape, you have to BUY IT or bring your own. I just wasn't in the mood.

    I used the box Coach sent it in originally. I guess I should've taken it to UPS or FedEx. The Priority shipping alone was $26.50, not counting insurance or delivery conf.
  8. Why'd you have to mail it back in, do they not accept in store exchanges from mail orders? You shouldn't even need a receipt because you're doing store credit right, or are you getting cash?
  9. I don't have a Coach store here. All Coach shopping has to be online for me. The nearest place to get Coach is 200 miles away, and it's a Macy's.
  10. ^^Aaw. :sad:
  11. Jen, you should be reimbursed for your shipping. It's not your fault the bag was defective. Coach will send you a giftcard in the amount of your shipping costs, but you should really call JAX and let them know it's not acceptable that you had to pay return shipping for a defective bag! Let them know you live no where near a botique, they are usually very helpful!
  12. Good advice from Tup- its worth a shot!
    So sorry you have been through so much!
  13. Thanks a whole lot, Tup! I think I will give them a call. I was surprised when they didn't, because I'd heard they will reimburse your shipping costs in that case. Maybe it's because the bag wasn't ruined when I got it, but after I'd carried it 4 or 5 times. :thinking:
  14. Hi,
    Sorry to hear that you sent the other Carry All back too!!! I am scared to use mine too!!! LOL
    Can't wait to see your new bag!!! I am very surprised that Coach made you pay $20 plus shipping the first time for a defective bag!!! That is just wrong!!!

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Which Madison carryall did you have? I have the pink exotic one and it is still packed in the box. I live in FL and there is a lot of humidity here, I keep my bags in the boxes, Is that wrong?