Macy's STILL hasn't taken care of me!


Feb 4, 2006
United States
A few weeks ago I posted about Macy's sending me the wrong bag during F&F week. After hours on the phone trying to get the situation rectified, a manager told me she would send UPS out with a call tag to pick up the bag. So I took it to work, boxed it up, and waited. And waited...and am still waiting! UPS came by the office once, but said they had no call tags to pick anything up. So after waiting a week and a half (at least), I called the manager again and got her voice mail. I left a message, and she never called me back.

So not only do I still have the WRONG bag, but she also told me to order the correct bag from the website and after I returned the other she would do a price adjustment. So now I have both bags, and I can't get my refund for the wrong bag OR my discount on the other! :cursing:


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Apr 18, 2007
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Yeesh...enough is enough Macy's! This is getting all out of whack...sorry for all your hassle ETenebris! Macy's has turned owning a beautiful bag into a major headache. I'll be suprised if you'll want to keep EITHER bag when this is all done!


Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
Macy's CS leaves much to be desired. This is just a prime example of people not caring and not THINKING! Ugh, I truly feel for you!! :wacko: This would make me way too angry!


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May 2, 2006
That sucks! What horrible customer service! (which sucks to begin with, even in the store, much less dealing with someone outside of the store). I hope everything works out for you but, can't you call a corporate number or something?


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Oct 9, 2006
Well it sounds like it's time to take this above the manager and go to his/her boss about this. What if you called corporate? I'd leave another message on the managers voicemail telling him/her that you are sick of waiting for his/her response and are left with no choice other than to call corporate over this matter!!

I bet you'll get a call back instantly!!


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Jan 21, 2007
Memphis, TN
I think you should get all legal on their asses. :rant:
Ditto. Call the manager's manager or the manager's manager's manager....someone that can do something for you right then and there instead of playing phone tag and giving you the run around. For a company that has their store associates pushing you to go online and comment on their outstanding service, this leaves much to be desired. I hope that you can get everything worked out.


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Sep 3, 2006
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last time i was pissed at macy's (i got wrongly accused of stealing!), i talked to the manager. and when she didn't even apologize, i told her i wanted HER card and the number of corporate. i'm sure corporate would be quite interested to hear how they're treating a customer (in my cas, it totally worked. i have their elite cc and i told them i would have no problem cancelling my card, as well as telling my mom to cancel hers). a little nondirect threat got them listening.


Jan 25, 2006
Good luck girl! Hang in there and what ever you do dont give up. Make yourself constantly known around there and eventually you'll get heard. What a crock!


Feb 6, 2007
Are you going throught the store or corporate customer service. Personally if it were me and I still wanted it I would take both into the store and not leave until a manager corrected the situation.

I have also had luck in the past with the corporate customer service number when the local store wouldn't do anything. This wasn't with Macys though.

I've had issues their their CS too so I can relate. I rarely shop there now as a result.

Personally if ti were me I wouldn't want to give them the business but I understand that 20% off is a good deal for current season Coach.

Hope it works out.


Feb 4, 2006
United States
It was the manager that I spoke with, and now she doesn't answer her phone and hasn't returned my calls. I got the first (wrong) bag through Dallas Galleria, and the second through the site. She was supposed to have my bag picked up and refund the cost, including shipping. Does anyone know if I can just take it to a local Macys if my local stores don't carry Coach? At this point I don't want either bag...or to ever SEE a Macys again! But I don't seem to be able to get rid of this bag!

Oh, and I am going through the store, not corporate. And it takes an eternity to get anyone to answer the phone, much less a manager...they have a hellish computer system that will NOT let you talk to a human! I will never buy anything from them again.