LVs on display in store

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  1. So, has anyone wondered what LV does to the bags that are on display in the store? Particular the MC line, or anything that oxidizes? It's been my experience that they pull the bag that you are interested in purchasing from the back or one of the drawers, but never the one on display. This is my personal experience, so I could be very wrong. But if they really don't sell it, what do they do with them after some time? Is there an LV graveyard, or worse, do they destroy them? I've never heard of an LV outlet anywhere.

    Again, I may be completely crazy with this...:shame:
  2. This is were the SA's reap their benefits, bags that have patina-ed, as is likely to happen after being on display for a long time may be certified to be sold to Louis Vuitton employees. However, there is a contract that they must sign upon purchasing which stipulates that they will not resell the bag (they obviously don't want people to buy mass quantities of discounted bags only to sell them later !).
  3. Interesting! Does anyone know just out of curiosity, how much of a discount they get? Man, that would be nice!
  4. 45% off regular retail price for standard line (such as monogram canvas, damier..etc)
    My best friend works at LV store, thats what she told me
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  5. Wow!
  6. OMFG!!! :nuts: That's the best discount an employee can ever hope for! When I used to do retail, I only get about 20% to 25% off. :evil:
  7. Hmm, I wonder if the LV store here is hiring :P
  8. It is attractive discount BUT thats just for the normal standard line.

    An employee CANNOT put their names on a waiting list for new bags or new limited edition bags (like cerises, murakami.. demi lune.. etc etc) until 30 days later it has been introduce into the store. By the end of 30 days, the waiting list is soooooo long that you don't even stand a chance in getting the bag at all.

    LV sales associate makes about $18/hour + 15% commission too.

    Ain't a bad deal being LV sales associate.. :lol:
  9. Really?
    BCBG employee gets 60% off

    Coach employee gets 50% off store and 65% off in factory outlet.

    I think the LV employee gets standard ok discount.. nothing great.
  10. Huh? Then I must have been working in the WRONG store! I used to work for Wet Seal back in college and their employee discount sucks! :evil:
  11. Weird, my SA says that nobody in the LV boutiques works on commission. That's why she wasn't bummed out when I ordered my Popincourt on

    Anyway, a 45% commission on LV bags sound great, but I don't know how satisfying a job it is. Different strokes for different folks!
  12. Not a bad gig but would hate having to work on weekends! But the more I think about it, that discount sure sounds might tasty! I didn't think SA's could make that much an hour not including commission!
  13. i wonder if it's base plus comission or if they are on draw...
  14. I should find out if the store in NYC is hiring, lol!

    But with Coach, I heard (my mom's friends daughter works at one in NJ) that the employees are only allowed to buy 1 bag a season!
  15. My friend mentions something about meeting individual quota before the commission thing kicks in place.. Not clear about how that works either.

    Anyone care to go undercover to investigate? ha ha ha :lol: