LV VIP Criteria

  1. Does anyone know how much you have to spend to be a LV VIP? What privileges do you get as well?
  2. yeah im very interested to
  3. I think there was a thread about it somewhere. Let me see if I can dig it up.
  4. ^ thanks
  5. I'd really appreciate it!!!
  6. I looked but can't find it. Maybe some threads get deleted if the are too old?
  7. That's a good thread!!!

    I would love to be a LV VIP and get invited to the trunk shows!!!
  8. Not mom and I have gotten invites to store openings, etc. I think that's the 1st tier of the parties, then the 2nd tier are the celebrity events and larger parties (most often the ones covered in magazines.)
  9. WOW! :nuts: Sounds awesome! :love: I hope I can be a VIP in the future.
  10. IIRC, I think it depends on the relationship betw you and ur SA. If you always buy items from that one particular SA, nice, etc, they'll remember you more. Some SA's are just generally nicer than others or more generous so that might have a lot of do w/ it too. The hard thing for me is that I have two SA's so one never gets my full attention b/c either one is working when I buy and not the same one over and over again..ugh! Frustrating!:wacko:
  11. I think you have to shop frequently and make friends with the SA because they put the VIP behind your name. I get those invites for the parties but so far I didn't go because I hate those Munich events with the typical "Bussi Bussi society" here. The nice thing about being a VIP is that you get this little presents e.g. I got a MC white bookmark which I really like.
  12. do the SA's at the smaller boutiques get to have VIP's too, or is it just the SA's at the larger LV boutiques like 5th ave?.......cuz i know that my SA here in jersey loves me but it is one of the smaller LV stores :shame:
  13. It's completely up to the SA no matter the size of the store. I've also heard that the SA has to be an employee about a year before they can designate someone as a VIP.

    My sa designated me as one and I haven't bought that much. But she is the senior most SA.
  14. I think you do have to spend a certain amount to get the free gifts and invites. I think it was about 50-60,000 every six months.
  15. Soooo, I'll be enjoying the pictures posted LOL
    I don't think I'll ever get to that level of shopping!!!!!