LV Tulum -- new monogram style

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  1. I read from a Chinese purse forum that there'll be a new monogram style hitting the US stores around mid-April. It's called Tulum. The PM sells for about $980, whereas the GM $ 1260.

    What do you think of the bag? I don't know anything about the dimensions of the bag though :sad:

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  2. Looks like a bit of a Demi Lune. Hrmmm I like the wider strap, but it seems too hobo-y to me.
  3. i like it.
  4. Quite okay....but not a fan.
  5. what is the address for the chinese purse forum.
  6. i don't know how i feel about it. although u would love more shoulder bags from LV
  7. I like it too and I haven't seen it before so thanks!:P V
  8. i think it would look nice in damier.
  9. Not so into the structured hobo look.
  10. i like it, i think the hobo is something that was definately missing from the mono line.
  11. i like the idea but i'm not in love.
    would be better with just a top zip (no flap/lock thing on the front) and a strap that ended at the top instead of running all the way down the side :noworry:
  12. Its very cute. I like how it incorporates the style of the leather hobos with the classic monogram. Thanks for info!
  13. From that picture...I think it's OK- I would give it a chance and would love to see more pix!
  14. meh. not a fan. i don't like hobo/cresent shaped bags.
  15. I don’t like the rounded bottom.:noworry: