LV stealer

  1. Okay, so i have this friend, EX friend- we used to be really close. we would share clothes and accessories. but i've recently had some MAJOR problems. first things first... she borrowed a pair of my diesel shoes and NEVER returned them. i could deal with that because they were only diesel. then she borrowed a pair of my versace sunglasses and NEVER returned them. it wouldnt have been as bad, but they were my favorite pair of sunglasses at the time:sad: so those two items alone would not make me be a biatch towards her, but the last straw came when she wanted to borrow my petite bucket. she moved and i dont know where and she moved too!!!! so she emails me and calls and texts me, but i dont talk to her. what would you do in this situation
  2. Can you threaten her with small claims court or is that too drastic?

    If it is, I'd cut your losses and never lend out your LVs to anyone ever again.
  3. if she emails you just ask for your stuff back
  4. :yes:
  5. I agree with the above, but do so in a kind, respectful manner that won't get her defensive or on guard right away
  6. Oh my... what a horrible definition of a "friend". I hope you can get your stuff back asap!
  7. or just threaten, LOL :boxing:
  8. Have you asked her for any of your stuff back yet?
  9. I like the way you think..

    Just ask her nicely for your stuff next time you talk to her. I hope she has the decency to give it back.
  10. What a kind and trusting friend you are, shame on her for taking advantage of that - I hope she was just overlooking it and intends to return it - I agree, ask and see what she does first off.
  11. LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  12. Goodluck with getting your things back.
  13. You must ask her to give you back all your things that she borrowed from you. She is totally untrustworthy!
  14. First try to get your LV back.
    Then realize this is a TOXIC friend, and dump her.
  15. yeah. i have i've asked her about my sunglasses and shoes, but she moved and her family is really sketch so they were constantly changing their phone numbers. and her mom actually did buy her authentic bags, but this past christmas we both got speedys i got a speedy 30 and she got a "speedy 25" hers was fake. the red edge dying was too orangy and the zipper pull was off and the canvas itself was really bad. plus, the stitching was off as well.