LV Splurge - The most that you bought in one shopping trip

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  1. We all love LV's and I'm just curious on how you splurged at one time. I thought I've splurged once and bought 4 in one shopping trip at the Louis Vuitton store. I'll start:

    1 Damier Azur Cles
    2 Aquarelle Bandeau's
    1 Mini Lin Speedy Croisette in Rouge

    Now it's your turn... :smile: Tell us how many you bought from any place that sells LV's. Please enumerate what they are... Would be fun to know :love:. Thanks!
  2. I am usually pretty good.
    I bought a pomme rosewood and the new style pomme cles at the same time.
  3. Those are gorgeous! :love:

    Oh, by the way, see you this Saturday at the SCP meet!
  4. I am bankrupt most of the time so the most I have ever bought in one trip is:

    Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux
    Pomme Pochette Cles
    Pomme Heart Purse

  5. my lst lv which is the geronimos. thats it.
  6. In Vegas last summer I think I went a little wild.
    I bought a green perfo speedy and a neverfull GM in one visit. I ended up taking back the neverful a few hours later and got a red groom pouchette wallet and a framboise cles instead. A few days later I got a mono 6 key holder. Here is how indecisive I am, back home in Florida I returned the red groom pouchette wallet and the mono 6 key holder to LV and bought a cerises sac plat on Let-Trade that I saw before the trip.
    I guess I like to prolong the buying experience for as long as possible.
  7. LOL that's funny! :smile: Glad you finally got what you wanted! :tup:
  8. Those are beautiful!:love: Love the Mirage Speedy!:heart:
  9. Congrats on your 1st LV! :tup:
  10. Azur speedy 30
    Grey inclusion ring
    Pomme Cles
  11. Everything I currently own I've bought within the past 7 days!!!! I am new to LV and loving it :smile: I think I may have to discipline myself now though....although I am dying to go to the LV boutique and pick up the Galliera PM tomorrow. If I do, that will be it for a while...oh, and I want a 4-key holder in Damier Azur too.....hmmm....:nuts:
  12. The most I spent was 15K at one time. I had everything shipped to me since I don't live near a boutique, and bought different sizes/colors of same bag (as I usually do) to see which size/color is best for me. (i.e. bought Olympe Nimbus PM/GM in both Anthracite/Perle).
  13. Mini Lin Speedy Blue
    Blue Inclusion Key Ring
    Grelots Bag Charm
    Mini Lin Bag Charm Pink
  14. keepall, carryon luggage, dog collar and leash..had it shipped saved on taxes.
  15. The most i have brought in one go is:
    2 T shirts the same but different colours, keepall 50 & a wallet.
    But now i like to spread my purchases out more and buy one thing at a time as i enjoy going into the boutiques! My credit card also prefers this!