LV Sightings in Movies and TV

  1. I thought it would be fun to create thread to discuss LV sightings in films and TV. If you know of any films or TV show in which LV bags were shown, feel free to chime in. I'll start by naming some movies I've seen LV in:

    Ready to Wear-The editors of Elle and British Vogue had LV luggage (trunks and a steamer bag)

    Coming to America-Akeem and Semmi have LV trunks which get stolen upon their arrival in Queens

    Body Double-The murder victim, Gloria, has an LV purse which gets snatched. I don't know what type of purse it is; it's a simple flap bag with a long strap.
  2. Heartbreakers- After Max and Paige initially con Ray Liotta, and they're at the the gas station, you can see a Vuitton trunk in the back of their SL500 when they get back into the car and Paige is about to light up a cig.

    Will & Grace- Grace had a Monogram Macha Waltz.
  3. "The Osbournes" - Sharon's LV collection is TO DIE FOR!!!
    "Meet the Barkers" - Shanna gets Cerises Sac Plat as a gift from Travis and she also has Sac Coussin.
    "13 going on 30" - Jen Garner's character has a few pieces incl. Croissant.
    I know there are more!
  4. This Is A Good Thread.....

    Great Outdoors (With John Candy) ~ The Cousins All Had Piles Of LV, Including The Little Twins & Their Speedies

    Madhouse (Is This The Name? w/Kirstie Alley & John Larquette) ~ Kirstie Allie's Sisier In The Movie.....Tons Of LV, Gorgeous Trunk

    8th & Ocean ~ I'm Not Sure The Name Of The Bag ...Was It A MaryKate?......I Can Keep Going Forever.....I Will Be Back With More
  5. The Talented Mr. Ripley ~ Kate Blanchett With Her Piles & Piles Of Suitcases & Trunk (s)

    Sex & The City ~ When They Go Out To The Hamptons...Carrie Has Piles Of Vernis

    Real Housewives Of The OC ~ Tons Of LV (Mostly Monogram) Everywhere....Jo Wheres All Mono LV

    There's So Many.......I'll Keep thinking....
  6. Mean girls- but they were all fake!! lol
  7. also White Chicks- all fakeys
  8. The Doris Duke Story (I Don't The Exact Name) ~ She Had Beautiful LV Luggage/Trunks

    A Different World ~ Whitley/Jasmine Guy ~She Had The Best Pieces...One Of The First Pieces Was Her Sac Chen...Tons Of Luggage

    Run's House(Since We Always Speak Of Kimora!) ~ Justine (White MC Alma), Vanessa (Speedy), & Angela ~ Had Lots Of LV.....I Trying To Remeber Their Pieces
  9. Scrubs, Jordan has a black le fab.
  10. In the Hamptons episode of Sex & the City Charlotte has a Keepall.
  11. When it comes to LV, I can never forget those trunks in JOE AND THE VOLCANO...

    Ties all those trunks up and use them as a life boat!!

    It was the first time I ever saw a LV trunk.. and I KNEW then it imperative to own waterproof, floating, huge trunks when traveling overseas!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. "Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl" - In almost every episode, a daddy's girl is carrying one.

    The Wedding Planner - Jennifer Lopez carried something in Damier canvas...That was when I first became obsessed with Damier.:shame: :lol:
  13. I didn't care for LV yet when I saw that movie. Note to self: watch it again just for the damier sighting.
  14. Which episode of will & grace? I want to see the macha on TV:love::nuts:

  15. "Sex and the City" - Samantha has various LVs including Sac Plat:love: and Charlotte has a CB Papillon.